Pro Walk In Cooler Maintenance Tips

  • August 14, 2018

Commercial appliances repair is an important task. Your entire business depends upon it. Your terrific long-term investment in the walk in cooler that leave you satisfied every time you think of it can go in vain if your do not give your cooler regular preventative maintenance or a timely walk in cooler repair.

Importance of timely Commercial appliance repair

In order to give proper maintenance to the cooler, you have to know first what are the signs that tell you it is time to pay attention to your equipment. Here are these signs:

  1. Seal Wear and Damage

Check out your doors of the walk in cooler for seal wear and damage. It is very necessary to keep check over the doors as the damage will take a toll on your pocket because the air can leak out thus making your cooler run constantly to maintain temperature.

  1. Water Leakage

It’s time to rush to commercial alliances repair if there is water leakage. It can be from old or damaged seal or also from poor installation. No matter what the reason is, you cannot leave it like this as it may lead mold and mildew buildup.

  1. Odd Odors

If you notice a smell in and around your equipment, it is time for maintenance and walk in water cooler.

Maintenance Tips for Commercial Appliances

Here are the maintenance tips for your walk in cooler:

  1. Clean the Condensing Unit

First you have to locate the condensing unit. It is the assembly containing the compressor, condensing coil and condensing fan motor. All of these are critical components that keep your equipment running, thus they require extra care. The condensing unit can be atop the cooler, underneath the unit, or a remote location.

After locating it, begin the cleaning. Shut the power off to the condensing unit. Vacuum the dust and debris. You can also reverse the airflow of a sharp-vac or compressed air to shun the dust away.

  1. Use A Mild Detergent and Water for Cleaning

Clean the inside and outside surfaces of your equipment with a solution of mild detergent and water. Do not use harsh cleaner, as it will damage the surfaces. Rather use the mild detergent, water frequently (at least every month), and you would not need to use chemicals for cleaning anymore.

  1. Clean the Evaporator Fan Assembly

The evaporator fan assembly circulates the air and removes heat. Water is also collected and drained here. It should also be sanitized and thoroughly cleaned once a year. Disconnect the power before you start cleaning. Also remove the drain pan so that you can access all components easily.

  1. Temperature Controls

Temperature controls are essential for commercial appliances repair, especially for walk in cooler repair VA. If you have to change the temperature controls frequently or you notice a change in the normal operating noise, rush to an expert. After the unit is set-up properly and is operational, there will be no need for temperature adjustments. Also, never adjust the temperature coolers just to compensate for more usage during the peak time as it may result in freeze-ups after the unit stabilizes.