Tips to increase concentration while studying

  • April 16, 2017

A common problem that is faced by most young students is the lack of being able to concentrate on their studies. The fast-paced world that people live in has so many distractions to offer that it becomes really difficult to maintain focus and study effectively. It is thus very important that students learn the art of increasing concentration which will help them study effectively throughout the year and avoid those last minute rush before the examinations.

Here are some really helpful tips that will let you study and master your subjects without much ado.

Keep distractions away

In earlier days, people used to sit in libraries to study. This is because that is one place which does not have any distractions at all. As finding a library may not be an easy option always, and going there may not be feasible as well, you will have to ensure that all possible sources of distraction are kept away from where you are studying. Switch off your mobile phone, switch off the television, and the computer as well. If you need to study on the computer itself, do not connect it to the internet. If an internet connection is needed for studying, ensure that you do not open chatting or gaming sites and get engrossed there.

Make notes while studying

Many scientists claim that it is easy to remember what you write than what you read. Thus, making notes of what you are studying will not only help you remember it better, but will also keep you glued on to the study table till the time your mind becomes weary.

Find a study buddy

While some people may find it distracting, the concept of finding a buddy to study along with you has many proven benefits. If you can manage to get someone serious about his or her studies to study along with you, you would find yourself focusing more on your lessons just to stay matched with him or her. Also, a study partner will stop you from responding to distractions as well. Whenever you would want to walk away from the study table, he would pull you back and make you complete the chapter before you leave.

Take breaks

Contrary to what the elders might say, long study sessions are not as useful as those short ones which are followed by short breaks. It is a known fact that the brain cannot concentrate on a single thing for more than 45-60 minutes. Hence, taking a short break of 5-10 minutes after an hour of studying will actually refresh your mind and you would be able to study for another hour without getting tired or distracted.