Dealing with a Broken Refrigerator: Repair or Replace?

  • March 22, 2015

When your cooling buddy seem to show signs of hissing, leaking, or suddenly turning on and off, it’s probably telling you that it’s in urgent need of refrigerator repair. Seeking the services of a refrigerator repair company or a freelance refrigerator repair technician may come in handy. However, it’s best to know and evaluate what measure would be best to take upon the breakage of such home equipment. This article will help you pick between the two options – repair or replace?


Factors you need to consider


  • Age – In average, the life expectancy of a refrigerator is about 13 years, depending on the quality and model. Consider how long have the appliance been with you. If it is already beyond the time period it is guaranteed to have optimum functionality, it may be appropriate to purchase another. However, if it is relatively new, it is more suitable to avail of a refrigerator repair


  • Warranty – Check if the time your refrigerator has been damaged is still covered by the warranty it featured upon its purchase. If it still is, then you are eligible for either a discounted or entirely free services from the brand’s partner refrigerator repair company. In some cases, parts that need to be replaced or professional service may cost you a lot in the absence of a warranty of refrigerator.


  • Price – Try to compare how much either of the two choices will cost you in the long run. As a general rule, if the rate of refrigerator repair is more than half of the price of a brand new refrigerator, it is more practical to simply purchase a new one. You can find cheaper services of refrigerator repair technicians with ample research and negotiations.


  • Degree of damage – If the refrigerator damage incurred breakage is minor in nature (ie. broken plug, damaged circuit breaker, etc.), it is advisable to have it repaired. In contrast, if the appliance is permanently or heavily damaged that a lot of its parts need to be replaced or corrected, consider replacing it with a new one instead.


How to prevent future damages on refrigerator


  • Regularly clean both its interior and exterior portions
  • Inspect its condenser coils and avoid the accumulation of dust
  • Ensure that its door’s seal is intact and free from any damage


How to select the right service provider when needed


  • Research and analyze potential refrigerator repair companies and technicians


If you want an efficient service, you need to start with finding the best service provider. You can rely on suggestions from family or friends that previously sought refrigerator repair or you could search through your nearby refrigerator repair companies. Evaluate how well they’ve done with their operations through customer reviews or online platforms discussing such services.


  • Ensure the skill set of your potential hire


Try to validate whether or not the refrigerator repair technician had adequate training to help refine his skills. Certifications and previous successful job experiences may validate his competence.


  • Go for low cost repairs yet of quality service


There isn’t a fixed rate for refrigerator repairs, so it’s best to compare and contrast what your local technicians offer. Inquire about the combined service fee and the cost of needed parts on the onset, as well as if they can offer you added discounts.