7 Things About Drain Cleaning People Always Get Wrong

  • September 7, 2018

Cleaning your home by yourself and hiring a drain cleaning service for the same job are two different things with different results. There are thousands of sewer cleaning companies in every city that say they are the best and have a good record of serving people. But most of these company do damage to your home, pipes, main cut offs, pumps, toilets and drains.

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What these drain cleaning services tell homeowners are not always true. So how can you find out what is true and what’s not? If you have heard or read about such misconceptions or myths, this post is for you. Here we will list the most commonly accepted things people have always gotten wrong about drain cleaning. So, let’s bust some drain cleaning myths.

Drain cleaning tips

  1. Chemicals are Good to Go

Sewer cleaning companies or people may tell you that chemicals for drain cleaning are best and very effective. They are right but to a slight extent. The chemicals bought from stores are not only toxic, they do a lot of damage to drains as well. If you have slight issues of clogging in toilets, pipes or drains these chemicals may be useful. But if the clogging is heavy or moderate to serious, they turn out to be useless. Rather they do more damage than good.

  1. Drain Problems Don’t Matter

This is actually something many people believe and tell others. According to them drain problems are not worth worrying about and will be fixed automatically. How dumb people are! Drain issue or clogging is something that need immediate fixing otherwise there will be water everywhere inside the building and rooms. Toilet clogging is the worst form you will ever face. All these drain problems need attention and a solution.

  1. Snaking a Drain Will Solve Blocked Drain Issue

The drain snakes are only good to find or spot clogs but they have nothing to do when it comes to removing the clog or cleaning the drains. If anyone tries to clean or remove clog from the drains with drain snake, they will end up creating more problems by stuffing the clogs deeper inside. In order to clean clogs, homeowners should keep plunger and other advanced tools that are meant for such tasks.

  1. Clogs Can’t Be Avoided

There are a good number of homeowners who find this myth a fact. They believe clogs are unavoidable and they can do nothing to stop them. However, clogs are avoidable and can be controlled with few instructions. You must strictly follow this rule if you want to keep your drain away from clogs and that’s to not pour down any grease, leftovers and strong alcohol. These things cause severe clogging and block the drains.

  1. Using Old Cleaners

You may end up with bigger issues if you are following someone’s instruction on YouTube or other blogs. These people have different situations whereas the viewers may not have necessarily the same case in their drains. Furthermore, people think old cleaners do better work. This is really a misconception. There are cleaners only for sinks, others just for toilets and similarly other drain parts. You can’t use a toilet cleaner for sink cleaning otherwise the results will be in form of bigger drain issues.

  1. Doing Drain Cleaning on Your Own

This might be the dumbest thing people have actually believed about drain cleaning. Sewer cleaning companies or drain cleaning services are professionals who know the drain cleaning problems inside out. They have experience is handling all the related issues and problems. So, if a problem is very minor, you can give it a try, but if it’s not, you must hire a service for that.

  1. Drains Only Need Work When They Don’t Work

People believe drains should only be repaired or checked when there is some issue. There is a saying that prevention is always better than treatment. Following this saying, most of our issues will be solved. And this is the case with drain as well. Experts recommend that drains should be inspected and repaired every six months without noticing any issue. If there is any drain problem that needs to be fixed but if you don’t face problems for a year, that doesn’t you should skip regular repairing and maintenance by a good drain cleaning service westchester ny.