Do it yourself guide to cutting and felling of trees

  • July 10, 2018

Usually cutting and felling of trees are done by professionals in a tree cutting company. If the tree is small it may be possible to handle it as a do it yourself activity. But you always have to be very cautious and personal safety must be given top priority when cutting the trees oneself. You should also have some understanding regarding the cutting of tree you are going to undertake. In this article I am giving some basic instructions and tips to such do it yourself presons.

Equipment needed for tree removal

Before commencing tree cutting activities make sure that the following tools are available with you. If you do not have it with you, it can be borrowed from a friend or neighbor or you can buy a new one.

  • Protective gear: Protective gear is essential for protecting the person from injuries that may occur during the act of tree cutting. Leg covering steel toe boots, hart cap, gloves and goggles are usually used during tree service activities.
  • First aid kit: it is required to do first aid if somebody goes awry during the work in progress.
  • Chain saw: Assure that it has a sharp chain, tank full of gas and oil and it works properly.
  • Ladder
  • Rope
  • Ax
  • Wedges

Steps for performing tree cutting

Sound it out: By knocking on the trees with your ax you will be able to understand whether they are hollow or not. If sounds hollow it is dying wood and would be easier to cut. If sounds solid it will be difficult to cut as it is living wood.

Figure it out: By looking at the tree one will be able to understand whether it is leaning and whether it will fall to one side or the other. Select a dropping place where the tree will fall naturally. It this spot is level it will be good.

Make horizontal cut:  Choose a cutting point higher than your waist. It should extend only one third of the width of the tree. Tree falls after cut perpendicular to plane of cut.

Made wedge cut:  Make a cut that makes it look like a slice of orange. Make a marking at the other side of the cutting side to indicate the position so that the cut is perfectly horizontal.

Make a back cut: This cut will determine the thickness of the holding wood. The back cut should terminate 1.5 inches to the top of the horizontal cut

Be ready:  As soon as the back cut is complete you should stop holding the wood as the tree will begin to fall any time now. At this point you can keep adding wedges. Always be in a ready position to run away.

Run: When the tree starts falling down escape fast through your escape route already fixed. Get away as far as possible for safety. Be always careful to avoid the possibility of any hit or injuries caused during the falling of the tree as it can be fatal.

With these steps one can do tree cutting in a semi professional way or similar to the manner followed by local tree service chevy chase md.