Asthma Symptoms: What Is Asthma

  • March 14, 2015

The word asthma comes from a Greek word of a similar writing “asthma” that means panting. Quoting from Wikipedia, asthma is “the common chronic inflammatory disease of the airways characterized by variable and recurring symptoms, reversible airflow obstruction, and ronchospasm”. To make it simple, asthma symptoms is a chronic disease that affects your airways that would cause difficulties in breathing and chest pain. These difficulties in breathing is mostly accompanied with wheezing noises along with panting and on more severe cases fainting sensation caused by the lack of oxygen on your blood flow. It can occur to both men and women on every age group. While the definite cause is still unclear, there are many things that are diagnosed as a cause of asthma symptoms ranging from allergies to air pollution.

The Most Common Asthma Symptoms

The most common asthma symptoms would be difficulty in breathing that is followed by wheezing sound while inhaling or exhaling. In most asthma symptoms cases, patients often experience more difficulties in exhaling. The wheezing sound that comes with asthma symptoms are usually caused by the tightening of the airways system of your body. The tightening can be caused by allergic reaction to specific allergens such as dust-mites, mold, polluted air, animal fur, and in some cases food allergens like seafood or chemical allergies like often induced by aspirin. This is why it is very important to check what kind of things that you are allergic about when you are diagnosed with asthma. Asthma symptoms can also be triggered to being exposed to cold air or extreme exhaustion.

Activity Induced Asthma Symptoms

Exhaustion is one of the most usual causes of asthma symptoms attacks. Sport induced asthma attacks are very common and there are a lot of athletes out there who has mild cases of asthma. Working in a polluted environment is also a common trigger for asthma symptoms attacks. Building construction workers and people that are exposed to pollution at their work such as traffic policemen, factory workers, and street sweeper is also prone to being exposed to asthma symptoms.


Since asthma has many varieties of causes and symptoms, it is only natural that asthma treatments are as diverse as the cause. There are oral medications that contain theophylline that works almost as well as salbutamol to anticholinergic medications such as ipratropium bromide that helps with most cases of asthma attacks that are commonly used as asthma treatments for patients with milder cases of asthmatic attacks. Oral medications as asthma treatments usually works well although sometimes they do not work fast enough for more acute asthma attacks. In most cases on asthma patients who has asthma for a long time, self pre-diagnosis of asthma attacks are practicable and oral medications would be consumed before the asthma attack can develop to be a more acute attack.

Inhaled Asthma Treatment

Inhaled asthma treatments are the fastest asthma attacks relieve treatment available these days. Inhalers like Berotec that has Fenoterol Hydrobromide as an active substance can help asthma patients to experience a relieved breathing after an acute asthma attack because they can act as a relieving agent to relax your bronchus muscles that usually tightens when you are having an asthma attack. These agents are called beta2-adrenoceptor agonists that help intercept muscle contraptions caused by asthma attacks. This kind of asthma treatments however are most likely to cause dependency and can inflict cases of extreme mental suggestion to the patients where the absence of their inhaler can trigger an asthma attack. The uses of these inhalers are sometimes therapeutic on some cases and with proper usage can be used to cure the asthma indefinitely.

Natural Asthma Treatment

In certain part of the world, extreme traditional medication like raw baby mouse, house lizards, and even hamster’s blood are used as medication for asthma treatments. This may strike as a little absurd on some people but we do have to remember that before advanced (although still early medication) asthma treatments like ephedrine were found, asthma patients found many traditional cures that works those days. If you don’t want to opt to the extreme asthma treatment alternatives however, having the knowledge of the right breathing exercises would help in relieving your asthma attacks. You should learn to breathe from your diaphragm instead of your chest as it can ease the strain your chest would have to endure during an asthma attack.