4 Advantages of Slate Roofing

  • October 27, 2023

If you own a home and thinking of installing a new kind of roof, there are a lot of options for you to pick from. There are a lot of roofing types you can find in the market and there is 1 type that might get your attention. It is made of slate roofing and if you are seeking durability then this type of roof is what you need. There are a lot of slate roofing contractors and companies that can do the proper installation for you so that you will have it for a long time. Having a slate roofing has a lot of advantages and they will be mentioned here.

The good things about slate roofing

Its formation

Slate is formed when the current layers of rocks get exposed to high levels of pressure and heat. This causes any clay in the rock to turn into mica which is a substance. Mica is a type of material that lets metamorphic and slate rocks be divided along wide, flat planes and this is what makes slate perfect for making tiles.

The extreme pressure that is needed to forming metamorphic rock creates slate and similar things that are found in the boundaries of tectonic plates. Even if tile manufacturing and installation are skilled, the geological sheet formation of slates makes them split naturally into tile-like forms compared to other kinds of rocks. This is one of the reasons why slate is a popular choice for covering roofs.

Friendly to the environment

Slate roofs are all-natural and most of the time are salvaged stones, which means they are eco-friendly. Slate roofing was made permissible under the guidelines of LEED. In addition, the slate is fireproof, not like those asphalt shingles that burn easily. Apart from that, slate roofs are very durable and they last for a long time, which depends on the slate’s provenance. For instance, the Buckingham slates could last for more than 150 years or at least that long, but Vermont slates last less than 150 years. The Buckingham slate was quarried in Virginia for more than 200 years and its life span is the longest compared to other slates sold in the US. Although, a slate roof involves a tedious building project. It is considered to be an artful task because of the work involved in installing it.

They have a natural beauty

Since it is a product that forms naturally, there are unavoidable variations in the slate’s color and grain on the surface. These imperfections are what give slate roofing an appearance that is very attractive to people. The colors of slate roofs can be blue, classic grey, purple, green, black and red, so they are able to offer different choices for people. This characteristic is what makes a big part of the slate’s value, with slate roofing that provides every building with an appearance that is attractive and sophisticated. Even if these variations come from a natural source and uncontrollable, the tilesets for a roof are normally cut at the same time and place to make sure the tiles are complementing each other.

Roof repair contractor

Slate roofing can last under any weather condition and it does not easily get burned by fire. This is very important if you opt for slate roofing because you are going to get protection from any fire that might start in any nearby establishment or house. Moreover, slate roofing does not rot over time and its natural beauty is well-preserved for a long time. Since it is a beautiful product, a lot of companies specialize in slate roofing selling and installation so it is easy to find them and in a variety of colors too. You will easily find one that can match your home’s exterior walls so you are able to create an attractive design. Make sure that you search properly until you are able to find the best color. Your home will look great and your roof will last a very long time.

Roof contractors Cuyahoga Falls are available anytime you need them and you will find that these slate roof tiles are worth the investment because they are beautiful and are going to last long.