Tree removal techniques to cut down huge and matured trees

  • September 15, 2016

Are you looking for tree removal techniques to free your landscape area from hazardous trees? Cutting down fully grown tree is dangerous. Only a trained and high equipped professional can handle the task of cutting down the tree. If you are going to do by yourself, then before you start the job, it is important to have all the necessary tools and equipments. All your gear must be in working condition before you start the work. The foremost thing is to be sure that the tree does not fall on anyone. To ensure your safety and to cause the least damage to the wood, you need to carry out tree cutting by using some techniques.

The technique of tree removal

Certain trees need very high level of accuracy. For such a tree, you can use the open-notch technique. You can cut open notch in ‘V’ shapes onto the sides. The notch will be angled heavily. The first ‘V’ Cut will move downwards in the 70 degrees angle while the bottom cut is in 20 degree of upward angle. The professional makes horizontal cut at the back of the tree which meets the ‘V’ that was cut onto the side.

What is Humboldt notch?

This is also a notch which is created while cutting down the tree. The top cut of the tree is horizontal and the bottom of the tree moves upwards. Never use this technique if you have to cut down a leaning tree. The kickback upon the stump is very large and so using this technique on leaning tree is dangerous. This technique must be used when you are willing to save more wood.

The most commonly used conventional notch

A conventional notch is the commonly used notch to cut down bigger trees. Most of the tree removal professionals use this technique. It allows accuracy in cutting and the technique is safe and fast. The top cut in this technique proceeds with an angle and the bottom cut moves horizontally.

Before starting the tree cutting project, you must analyze what technique will work best. If you are not confident about cutting the tree, hire professionals from tree removal companies bethesda Maryland. A professional will do the task safely and in an efficient manner. The health of the tree, the age and your property needs to be considered. A reliable tree contractor provides robust solutions since he comes with the needed equipment.