What are the options available for teeth whitening?

  • September 25, 2018

People love to have pearly white smile. Such attractive smiles instill unlimited self respect and confidence in persons.  People in their middle ages would love to get back their attractive smile they had while they were young. They will be ready to spend some of their earnings to get more beautiful smile. Don’t think that people are going for teeth whitening only with a single aim of getting back their youthful smile and attractiveness. There are various reasons other than the one stated above. Let us take a quick look at some of them.

Reasons to opt for teeth whitening treatment

People associate white teeth with wealth, beauty, health, success, youthfulness etc.  Your teeth were also once very white and sparkling. Years of drinking coffee, consuming acidic food etc has taken the brightness of your smile and your teeth have become discolored. Such people feel ashamed and insecure as a result of the yellowish color of their teeth. Their self esteem is diminished to the maximum possible extent. Some people even do not smile at all. Some other people start depending on cosmetic dental procedures for getting back the lost brightness of their   teeth. Some others go for teeth whitening for looking good in some upcoming functions in the family like wedding. Teeth whitening bring emotional and psychological balance in some people’s lives.

Whitening at home

Home teeth whitening kits are available now. They adhere to the front side of the teeth. Such kits can be easily purchased from a grocery shop or convenience store. The important advantages of these kits are that they are very cheap, easy to apply and very effective in giving your teeth a better look. No complicated cosmetic dental procedures are involved in the use of the in-house teeth whitening kits. When you use this kit, you can use it according to your convenience without any need to go to a beauty shop and wait for their time. The disadvantage is that they are not perfect as  professional teeth whitening and the results are not long lasting. Deep stains and discolors are not completely whitened.

Whitening at office

The dentists uses bleaching agents of better quality in In-office whitening/ the dentist uses bleaching agents for teeth whitening and they are applied perfectly. This gives immediate and noticeable results and they produce less irritation. The results of such teeth whitening are more noticeable and long lasting. The whiteness that can be obtained by in-office teeth whitening is beyond compare and it gives much emotional relief and improved self esteem. You can visit the best dental clinic.