Steps to Have a Perfectly Planned Baby Shower Party

  • July 23, 2017

It is vital that you have someone to organize and plan the baby shower chair rental event. It can be either be you, a friend or a relative. 2 or more people can help to make the job easier. Each should have a perfect understanding of his responsibilities and duties.

Decide on the time, date, and place of the baby shower party

When planning to have a baby shower, it is top to discuss to the expectant mother and her partner. Ask their opinion on when they want to celebrate the event. If most of the guests have a job during weekdays, hold the event on weekends. If you are planning to have it on weekends, mid-day is generally the best time.  As for the location, most baby shower events are held in the home of the hostess. But if you have a big budget, you can either pick to have it on a private resort or restaurant.

Select a theme for the party

Planning a baby shower becomes simpler when you have a theme for the event. It supports you decide and plan on foods, invitations, games, decorations, party favors, etc.  Don’t forget to ask the expectant couples about their favored theme for the party.

Make a guest list

The expectant father and mother are the ones who should list the guest for the baby shower. Ensure that you have the address and phone number of each person added on the guest list. These will support you in mailing the invitations and updating the guests about the party.

Prepare the invitations

In the set up the invitations, do not forget the 4 vital details that you need to add. There are the names of the expectant time, date, parents, and place when mailing the invites, ensure that you add when and where to RSVP, as well as the directions to the baby shower party.

Plan the beverages and food menu for the party

Consider the number of guests participate the party, as well as the time when the party will be held. Decide on what foods to serve during the baby shower party. You can have cupcakes, finger foods, and cookies. Stick to non-alcoholic drinks like fruit sodas and juices.

Arrange the chairs, tables, and utensils on the day of the baby shower

Ensure that you have an enough table and chair rentals and corporate party tent rentals to accommodate all your guests. Prepare utensils, condiments and table napkins. Ensure that all the beverages and foods are ready in the buffet area. And finally, don’t forget to have fun.