7 Tips On Choosing Granite Countertop Colors

  • August 3, 2021

When you have decided on buying the granite fabricator for your kitchen countertop, the next thing you will need to decide is the color of your granite countertop.

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Color selection is the most crucial part of anything, especially your granite countertops, as granite adds value to your kitchen and is also very expensive. When you are spending so much money on your countertop, you need it to be the perfect shade that will match your kitchen and look good and elegant. Below are top tips for you to choose the best color for your granite fabricator.

  1. The Color of the Cabinet

When you are choosing the color of your granite countertop, you need to make sure it matches your cabinets. Take some time to unscrew your cabinet and take a sample of your cabinet to the granite workshop. Choose a color that contrasts with the color of the cabinets.

  1. Samples

Take different samples to the granite workshop if possible such as your tiles, your decoration pieces, your wall paint sample, so that you buy the perfect color of your granite fabricator.

  1. Pictures

If you cannot take the live samples with your then take lots of pictures of your kitchen and the color combinations of the sink, the cabinets, and the walls, in both flash and normal setting and match different pieces of granite with the pictures to check whether it suits or not.

  1. Consider The Lightings

Granite, no doubt, give an elegant look but if the wrong color is chosen then it could look really tacky. Consider the lighting of your kitchen for the granite fabricator. Go for lighter colored granite countertop if your kitchen is small and does have too much natural lighting so that it will add shine and brightness to your kitchen. If your kitchen is spacious and has a lot of natural light coming in, then you can go for a darker colored granite countertop such as brown, blue and black.

  1. Contrast

Always contrast your granite countertop with the kitchen. If you have chosen dark colors for your kitchen cabinets and accessories, the go for a slightly lighter shade of countertop to enhance the look…vice versa, if the cabinets are light colored, then go for a bit darker shade of countertop. The same color can be used if you go for a lighter color of the countertop and the cabinets, but never go for 2 dark colors as it may make the kitchen look dark and congested.

  1. Swatches

When you have decided the colors of your granite, make sure to select 2 to 3 colors and take the samples of granite or swatches home and the match with your kitchen. Select the one which looks good against the setting of your kitchen.

  1. Take Your Time

When choosing the granite colors, you should take your time and do not rush the choosing process. Check with other vendors and ask them for in-home selection, in which you can match the granite in your kitchen. If you are not satisfied, then visit more granite countertops Durham NC but choose wisely and carefully.