Is Your Chimney Leaning?

  • February 13, 2019

A well-constructed chimney can last for a lifetime. But if a chimney is not constructed with sufficient footing, it can lean away from the structure to which it is attached.  A leaned chimney can fall anytime and is a big safety risk. However, it is possible to save the chimney by hiring a licensed chimney contractor for chimney repair.

Tilting Chimney?

At one glance, leaned chimney may appear like an optical illusion to you. But if this issue ever comes in your notice, you should not make delay in calling the professional chimney services for immediate action. It is not safe to live with the leaned chimney, because chimney brick may anytime fall on someone’s head or crush your entire roof.

Leaning Chimneys

Structural integrity is an important aspect of the chimney maintenance. A tilted chimney can spell disaster, not only to the chimney but also to home as a whole. Chimneys get tilted because of various reasons:

Old construction

If you live in a house constructed before 1960, then you should inspect your chimney for leaning. Over time, brick and mortar of chimney gets deteriorated, this cause chimney leaning. In this case, the only option you have is to thoroughly inspect your chimney and repair the deteriorated parts.

Wrong Construction

If you are living in a newly constructed building and dealing with the tilting chimney problem, then there might be something wrong with the chimney construction. Maybe the foundation or structure of your chimney is wrongly constructed. That is why you should always prefer a qualified architect for chimney construction.

Poor maintenance

If you ignore chimney maintenance, then please don’t get surprised when your chimney gets tilted. Chimney maintenance is very important to keep a chimney in healthy working condition. Ignored chimney can generate many problems, including but not limited to chimney leaning. A professional chimney sweeper owings mills can detect and resolve chimney issues before they get aggravate.

Environmental factors

Many times outdoor elements like snow, rain, pollution, storm etc. can tilt the chimney. This is the most unfortunate cause of chimney leaning. However, if your chimney gets tiled due to environmental factors, then it will not be too expensive for you to get it repaired.