Why solar energy is chosen over wind energy?

  • December 27, 2015

Recently, solar energy is gaining the highest popularity in the market and thus maximum fellows are choosing the same. Before making the final selection, you got to compare both solar and wind energy together so that you can make the right selection on the basis of analysis and comparison reports. You have to consider both flaws and advantages in this respect and on the basis of that you need to check out that whether your objective is getting fulfilled or not.

Why solar power is better than wind power?

  • Maintenance cost of solar power is much lower in comparison to wind power and this is one of the leading reasons for the highest popularity of the same. In some cases, you can even find nil cost for maintenance as a result of which you can maintain your pocket limit without facing any financial trouble.
  • Multiple panels can be easily added which cannot be done in case of wind power. This is really quite useful in generating abundant quantity of solar energy as a result of which greater amount of electricity from wind energy can be generated and the stored energy can be utilized at the time of power failure.
  • The solar panels are not that very exposed to damages by external elements like birds, climatic hazards and others. But this is really a serious trouble in case of wind power.
  • Propeller noise is quite disturbing and irritating and it is found in case of wind power but it is missing in case of solar energy.
  • The parts of solar panels are being highly protected as a result of which the repairing costs can be reduced to a great extent.
  • Higher warranty can be gained on solar panels and this is really quite beneficial.
  • Less monitoring is required and on the other hand installation can be easily made with less number of cables.
  • Smaller spaces are usually being covered by the solar panels.

How to get solar energy?

Solar panels need to be installed in a selected space in your roof and this task is mainly undertaken by the expert and licensed solar installers from solar companies. There are some standard safety regulations that are quite essential in this regard and must be abided by the installers in order to avoid hazardous accidents. There are different tools that are used in making the installation done successfully.