Keeping Your House Warm and Safe with Chimney Cleaning


Despite the rise of modern architectural designs, there are families who opt to keep an authentic fireplace that often comes with the need for efficient chimney cleaning. An owner basically has two options – hire a chimney sweep or do the cleaning himself. The latter is often a rare choice, for the job requires great knowledge and safety precautions. In this article, we will explore the basics of maintaining your flue and searching for the best buddy to help you with that.

The importance of chimney cleaning

Ideally, chimney cleaning must be done at least twice a year, but more frequently if you regularly use it. The common misconception of most is that if they do not heavily utilize their fireplace, then it does not require any maintenance. Even if it’s just for aesthetical purposes, there’s a need to ensure that it’s well preserved for the following reasons:

  • Keeping your home safe from chimney fire

While keeping your house warm, the burning causes the accumulation of a combustible substance within your flue called creosote. In addition to soot, even the slightest build up of this can cause an unexpected chimney fire upon contact with flame.

  • Preventing further chimney damages

The cost of hiring a professional chimney sweep to clean your flue is a lot less than having your chimney repaired and inspected upon the occurrence of breakage. Keeping it in good shape and status will further extend the period of its functionality

  • Avoiding possible odor concerns

 Prolonged neglect of your chimney will make it inviting to various creepers that can move in and consider it their new home. Adjoin their excrement up with the pre-existing dirt that piled up within your venting system and it will inevitably reek of foul odor.

Hiring the right chimney sweep from the right contractor

While acquiring the appropriate tools for chimney cleaning may be easy, the actual process of doing it can be rather difficult. Worry not, there are professionals who can save you from all that trouble. In the United States, varied chimney contractors are one call away and may readily provide you with your needed service.

To ensure quality and efficacy, it’s best to hire a chimney sweep who had duly acquired certification from the Chimney Safety Institute of America or the organization of Certified Chimney Professionals. This ensures that the one you employed isn’t just a random man equipped with nothing but a ladder and a brush. Skillful chimney sweeps underwent training and study as to how to properly maintain a house’s venting system.

Furthermore, this job can lead to a messy aftermath when done by an inexperienced individual. In contrast, chimney sweeps are capable of keeping your house’s interior unsoiled amidst the entire cleaning process.

Though some are concerned with the cost to be incurred from their services, there are existing chimney contractors who offer low cost maintenance and cleaning. Comparing rates and customer feedbacks can help in choosing from whom to avail. There are also some who offer discounts and frequent customer packages.