How To Deal With Spring Asthma


Any allergy doctor will tell you which things you should do to avoid having an acute asthmatic attack. As soon as springs arrive, the number of asthmatic patients increases. Partly, pollen is to be blamed for that. These pollen trees can damage your lungs a lot. Consult any spring allergy doctor for how to deal with it.

If you are allergic to any of the things, it can lead to inflammation of the airways in your lungs. This will lead to wheezing, sneezing and difficulty in breathing, itchy nose and watery eyes. Although they are not contagious, but it can also lead to increased discomfort to the patients who are allergic. Allergy doctors see a lot of patients in the allergic season.

Ways to deal with spring asthma:

  1. Do Not Skip on Asthma Medications

Keep your inhaler nearby and your medications in stock. An acute attack can be terribly painful for you to go through, so make sure you have your medications handy and take them timely. Contact a spring allergy doctor just in case.

  1. Test Your Allergy

If you are prone to being allergic, then do check out your symptoms just in case. An allergy doctor will help you to find your triggers and stay away from it.

  1. Take Shots for Allergy

You may take vaccination shots to prevent yourself from allergic reactionsImmunotherapy can help to counter allergic reactions for up to 3 years.

  1. Take Medications Timely

Do not skip on your medications and take them timely. Before allergic seasons starts, take them before a week or so. Also use nasal sprays to cope with the decongested nose and airways. Use antihistamines to counter allergic reaction.

  1. Avoid Pollen Areas

Avoid being outdoors during the high pollen timings. Try to stay inside, limit you being exposed.  Keep an allergic tracker to avoid the timings of pollen exposure.

  1. Always Shower After Exposure

After being exposed throughout the whole day to allergens like pollen, dust, mites and what not, it is a very good thing to make sure you take a shower at night. This little routine will make a lot of difference. It will help to clean and take off all the dirt and allergens of you. Also taking a hot bath will help to open up the airways, make you help sleep a lot better.

Visit asthma clinic

Do not be worried if you have chronic asthma. Make sure to keep your house clean and routine arranged in a way that you have a plan of action in case of an acute attack. Also, it is not contagious so do not worry about it being passed on to someone else. Dealing with asthma on a daily basis can seem like a huge task and hurdle which you have to overcome every day. Avoid allergens every day and do not go out in the timings mentioned. Contact and stay in touch with your asthma doctor va.