Pros And Cons Of Chemical Drain Cleaning

  • April 16, 2018

Drain cleaning should be a household maintenance ritual that you should adapt and follow. Drain blockage is actually something very common that people have to experience every once in a while.

Chemical Drain Cleaning

There are any ways for sewer and drain cleaning. The options are diverse and the methods various as well. However, a very popular and trusted method is chemical drain cleaning. There are many reasons why it is so much in demand. It is a relatively easy and simple method and offers complete cleanliness solution for the users.

Pros And Cons Of Chemically Cleaning Drains

Like all other things, chemical sewer and drain cleaning comes with a fair share of pros and cons. The pros definitely exceed the number of cons but nevertheless, it definitely has a few notable disadvantages as well.


  1. The first benefit of using the chemical method to clean drains is that it is the easiest method to follow. It is super easy and you will only need to follow a few simple and basic instructions.
  2. It is 100% safe. Many people come with the misconception that chemically cleaning drains can be harmful for the health. This is not the case as all chemicals that are used in the process are completely health safe.
  3. Since it is such an easy method of cleaning sewer holes and removing drain blockage – you can easily do it yourself and this eliminates the need of hiring a professional expert if the problem you are facing is minor.
  4. The chemicals that are used to clean the sewers do not leave a bad odor behind them. This is unlike many other products that are available for this purpose that actually do the cleaning part well but do not work on the bad smell of sewers and drains. The chemicals play an undeniable role in not only cleaning the drain pipes but also treating the bad smell.
  5. There is zero requirement for any tools or equipment to clean the drain pipes and hose. If you have the chemical cleaners, you will need nothing else other than water to wash out the blockage from the pipes.
  6. This is a very cost-efficient cleaning solution for users. It perfectly works on removing the blockage without costing you an arm and leg.
  7. The chemicals are 100% safe to use not only from a health perspective but also work are safe for the pipes. The drain pipes do not damage from the chemicals.


  1. The quality of the chemical cleaners you use can be compromised on if you purchase from an untrusted manufacturer or brand.
  2. It is not suitable method of cleaning for all types of blockage. Whilst it works amazingly well for minor blockages in the drain pipe, it is not guaranteed to be 100% effective for all types of drain blockages.
  3. It needs to be removed very quickly and if you leave it on longer – it can start damaging the surface.

That’s it. Now you know enough pros and cons of chemical drain cleaning westchester ny to make a good decision regarding this matter.