7 Things That Affect Your HVAC’s Performance

  • May 3, 2022

Summers with hot wind waves that take no time to make you sweat calls to install an AC that cools your room within seconds just like air conditioning companies show in their commercials. Keeping the heat in mind I’m pretty sure you can’t afford to compromise on your unit’s cooling and so to ensure that good performance read below.

Duct Problem

First thing you need to do is find the ducts of your unit, I suggest searching your attic and where your outer is placed. Once you have successfully discovered them and have been surprised about how you had never really noticed them previously, then carefully examine these and check if they are leaking or if there’s any blockage. It’s a very common for birds to build their nests in a HVAC duct which causes blockage. Plus there’s also a possibility that your house is very old due to which the walks have cracks and holes and these holes in the wall where the duct is located is causing leakages and so is making your AC use up more energy and time to cool your room. It’s always a better option to call AC repair companies to solve this issue at the earliest.

Dirty Filters and Coils

Did you know that all AC repair companies suggest you to replace your unit’s air filter every month for good performance? Or simply wash them at home if they are washable ones. Air conditioning companies also suggest in their manuals to keep a close eye on the coils and consider replacing or getting them serviced annually because if these measures are not taken then the evaporator coil won’t work effectively and so the system will face issues in moving the heat out of the room and will take longer time and greater energy to do its job which is to cool the room.

No to Very Rare Maintenance

Just like you deserve a good maintenance session at the salon and spa after working the whole month in the same way even your electronics especially your HVAC unit that is barely switched off in summers, require maintenance. It’s advisable that you set up a schedule for maintenance and follow it religiously. Do you know why? Because if you don’t then small issues like blocked air filters can turn into large ones and this will not only increase your electricity bill but will also affect the life of your unit and its resale value. So quickly plan a schedule and make arrangements with the AC repair companies in accordance with your plan.

Blocked Vents

It’s very common for vents to get blocked by dust these blocked vents reduce the amount of cold air that enters the room as there’s very less space available for the air to get out in the room due to the dust accumulation. This negatively impacts the efficiency of the AC and also increases your power bill.

Condensing Unit Problems

Since the condensing units are mostly placed outside there’s a possibility that dust and other debris and leaves especially in autumn might get accumulated around the outer of your AC. This effects the airflow which interferes with the performance of your AC.

Age of Your Unit

Just like everything gets old and when it gets old the performance deteriorates and is nothing compared to what it was on day one, in the same way even ACs get old, and even their performance changes with time. It’s always advised to replace your unit if it has crossed 10 years of age.

Unfit AC Size

ac repair services clearly mention it in their manuals as well as packaging that specific size of AC is only fit for a specific size of a room and if you choose that unit for a more larger room then the performance will be hindered and the results will not be as per the expectations. The reason for this is that when an AC which is originally made for a smaller room is installed in a comparatively larger room then that unit has to work more than what it’s built for and so it takes longer to cool and the performance is not as per the mark. topac