11 Things About Hair Coloring That Only Professionals Know

  • September 19, 2018

The hair salons specializing in color have a variety of tips which you don’t know. These are the things that any professional hair extensions salon also knows.

Hair coloring professionals

Before you color your hair, keep in mind these things that professionals know:

The Grey Hair Problem

The average age for women to have grey strands of hair is 35 years. At this age, you will start to notice some grey hair. You will have the urge to pluck them off using tweezers, but it will only worsen the situation. Because the regrowth will be worse. Consult a professional about the situation so that you can get rid of this problem in the best way possible. Most people pluck the hair, which actually leads to more grey hair. You can consult the hair salons specializing in color treatments.

Coloring Your Hair at Home

If you color your hair on your own, it is better if you have a little greasy hair. Because the natural oils will prevent the damage due to harsh chemicals. You should wait for at least 48 hours after a shower to apply hair dye.  Even the hair extensions salon agrees to this method with the extensions.

Cleansing Your Scalp

When you color at home, no matter how much carefully you rinse it off, there will be some residues left behind. It can make your scalp itchy. You can use a scalp scrub to cleanse the color residues left on your scalp.

Book a Consultation Session

Before you book your appointment, you can book a 15-minute consultation session with the professional. In that session, you can talk to the professional about what you want. It is crucial that you are on the same page with the professional. You can decide what color you want, together with your stylist.

Be Open with Your Stylist

The worst thing that you can do is lie to your stylist. It can lead to horrible results with your hair color. You should be very open with him. Tell him about your coloring history and when did you last dye your hair. If you have frequent grey hair, your colorist can use a color through which you will not need frequent touch-ups.

Research the Colors You Want

It can be confusing when you cannot convey which color you want. Even at the hair extensions salon, some women are confused while telling their desired color. Sometimes you can have a different image of brown color, while the stylist has a different image. Go through social media to find the perfect hair color which you can show to your stylist. This can really ease the process.

The Struggle with Red Hair

Red hair color is very difficult to maintain. It has the largest molecules and fades away quickly. It will look very vibrant on the first few days, but then it will lose its color. It is because the large molecules will leave the hair strands very quickly. So, before coloring your hair red, make up your mind about frequent touch-ups.

The Right Shampoo

People do not choose the right shampoo. It can damage the hair color. If you color your hair very often you need to use a sulphate free shampoo. It will extend the life of your hair color. The hair will have the vibrant color for a long time.

Use a Shower Filter

Using a shower filter can extend the life of your permanent hair color. It will filter the minerals present in the water which fade your hair color. It will also prevent discoloration. Women do not know about effects of mineral buildup in hair, but the professionals advise to wash hair with mineral free water.

Hair Damage

According to professional hair colorist, dying your hair does not always damage them. This is a common myth. With the right conditioners and care, you can minimize the damage. But too much conditioner can fade the color.

The Struggle with White Roots

The hair color salon rockville md treatment know very well how to deal with frequent white roots. You can go for darker shades. But if you cannot go to a salon for that, you can use eyeshadow to hide your roots. This is temporary thing.