How To Keep Car Cool In Summer Other Than Using AC?

  • June 27, 2019

There are a number of ways to keep your car cool in summer without an AC like using vehicle window tinting. Below is the list of tips you can use to keep your car cool.

Benefits of window tinting

  1. Proper Ventilation of the Car

When the vehicle remained parked, it accumulates heat and the car inside has somewhat like a suffocating environment. You should ensure proper ventilation of the heat so that it does not accumulate inside. It will keep the temperature low inside the car and make you feel more comfortable even without AC.

  1. Leave Window Opened While Parking

The windows of the car should be left slightly opened while you park it. Also make sure you use a shade, a tree or building to park the car otherwise it will get overheated within minutes. With the windows slightly opened, the heat will not accumulate inside the car and temperature will remain normal.

  1. Travel When It is Cold Outside

A lot of people have vehicle without AC. You can learn from them how they travel in their cars in the severe weather and that without an AC. The best technique for this is to choose a time when you feel comfortable while travelling and when the temperature is low.

  1. Pour Water on Top of the Car

Some people recommend this way to cool the car. It is actually a nice way to control the temperature of the car inside and prevent it from getting hot. Water will somehow control the temperature but this option may not work in extreme heat. So use this method whenever you feel it can be useful.

  1. Use Reflective Paint

If you plan to repaint your car, try to choose reflective paint with good quality. It is very helpful when it comes to stopping the car from absorbing heat and maintaining the normal temperature. With this, vehicle window tinting from window tint shops will also work. You can also choose light colors for painting your car.

  1. Get Car Window Tinting

Make sure you use vehicle window tinting and buy it from a reliable window tint shop. The tint films are very effective to block the heat through glass window. There are a number of quality vehicle window tinting manufacturers and you can choose the best quality from the market. It will be a step in the right direction.

  1. Use Seat Coolers

Many people use towels when it comes to cooling the car seats. Not all cars have same quality and good seats. The seat can be overheated in extreme temperature so it is good to use towels over the seat to keep the temperature in control. It will also make you feel comfortable while driving in hot weather.

  1. Park Car in the Shade

It is one of the most serious mistakes that drivers make when they park the car in direct sunlight. Place two cars together in sunlight and shades. You will notice temperature difference of up to 20 degrees Celsius. It is always a good option to choose shade when it comes to parking the vehicle.

  1. Buy a Solar Powered Fan

For many people, this can be a good idea. There are some drivers who prefer not using AC so they should keep a small fan. It will also provide great help if the AC stops working. Moreover, in moderate temperature, the solar powered fan will be a good choice to make you feel comfortable.

  1. Invest in Remote Start

Not many cars have remote control feature. But if you have a good quality and expensive car, you should invest in remote control. You can use it to keep the doors opened for few minutes before sitting in the car. You can also turn on the AC with this. The heat gathered will be released by opening the windows.

  1. Use a Sun Shade

Lastly, every car owner or driver should have a cover to protect the car from sunlight. Whenever you have to park the car in sunlight, use the covers according to window tint shops Springfield. They will also prevent the car from getting dirty, reduce the maintenance and washing costs and control the temperature to a certain extent. They can also be used in rain.