8 Common Asthma Mistakes You Should Avoid

  • March 19, 2019

It is always suggested by asthma doctors to look for signs if you are doing well or having some problems related to your daily routine activities.

Mistakes that Asthma patients should avoid

Let’s have a quick look at some of common mistakes that usually asthma patients make and should really avoid,

  1. Using Inhaler Only in Need

It is observed that many people keep inhaler handy and don’t use it unless they start feeling out of breathing which is not a good practice. Asthma doctors recommend to use inhaler anytime you want, for instance, if you are going out and you have dust allergy then you should use it in advance just to be on safe side. Same is the case with medicines which are meant to be taken daily are being consumed only at the time of need. No, don’t do that and be a good friend of yourself by taking prescribed medicines regularly.

  1. Keeping Pets at Home

Well when you are an asthma patient then please love yourself a bit more than you love your pets. It is really not recommended for asthmatics to keep pets at home or if you really want to keep then must consult your doctor first. You can go for allergy testing in your asthma clinic if you can really keep the pet with you or no and of course make sure to always wash your hands once in contact with your pet body.

  1. Not Considering Weather Conditions

You must know your asthma triggers as weather is an important factor which cannot be ignored in diseases like asthma. For instance, there could be high pollen count if weather is windy or in spring season while it could be very cold outside in winter season. It is better to stay inside in such weather conditions or if it very necessary to go out then must take some precautions to avoid asthma attacks.

  1. Going for Relaxing Therapy or Some Alternate Options

It is not a bad thing to go for relaxing therapies or alternate treatments but relying on them completely is a big foolish act. You must consult your asthma doctor before opting for any alternate treatment. And of course, never ever discontinue your controller medicines if you are feeling better with that treatment as asthma is a chronic disease and may attack you as soon as the controller is out of its way.

  1. Not Cleaning House Regularly

Sometimes when you are very much occupied with your job and other stuff, you ignore cleaning and dusting of your house regularly which is an alert signal for asthma patients. Dust is something which will not spare you as soon as it reaches you so never avoid cleaning no matter how busy you are. However, if you are having asthma symptoms twice or more in one week then you must visit your nearest asthma clinic as it is not a good thing at all.

  1. Leaving Doors and Windows Open

You cannot avoid air pollution if you have asthma so please be kind to yourself and keep your doors and windows closed for as much time as possible. You know that smoke, pollen and air pollution are a very good asthma triggers so better to avoid them and breath easily inside your house.

  1. Not Having an Asthma Action Plan

Asthma action plans are very important in case of emergency while it is very useful for maintaining your history and medicine record as well. However, you have all the emergency measures written over it so that you are aware enough of what to do in case the situation worsens at home. While the person in your surrounding may also react quickly with correct action to help you instead of just panicking, so make sure you have one with you every time.

  1. Using Inhaler Incorrectly

Well it is very common that many people don’t use their inhalers correctly and hence end up having breathing issues and wheezing. For instance, not exhaling before using inhaler, not holding your breath long enough and not inhaling forcefully as required are very common mistakes of using inhalers. You can have a good training at your asthma clinic for using inhaler correctly as it is very important for medicine to reach your lungs correctly and on time.