Good diet for healthy pregnancy

  • October 25, 2017

It is not good to think that a pregnant woman can eat more because she is eating for two persons. This should not be a licence to eat whatever she likes. You must be eating the most suitable and well planned food as you want to give your child the best things in the world. So your pregnancy diet should be as good as the baby you want to be. There are some healthy foods very suitable for pregnant woman. I am going to give a list of them. You select the food items that you like most and eat daily.

Sweet potatoes: Carotenoids contained in potato are capable of producing vitamin A. This will act as a supplementary food when there is some shortfall in eating of vegetables or fruits. Fiber and frolate and vitamin C present in potato makes it very suitable for inclusion in the diet for pregnancy period.

Eggs: Most people think eggs are unsuitable during pregnancy.  But they are rich in protein and it makes egg one of the most favourite food items during pregnancy. The choline in eggs is needed for the overall health of the baby and for the development of its brain. Even though they are high in cholesterol, their low level of saturated fat makes it very suitable for pregnancy diet.

Whole grains: Abundance of nutrients like phytonutrients, selenium, vitamin E etc make them suitable for inclusion in pregnancy diet. They are also high in fiber content. There are many varieties of whole grains. So you can experiment with them and make most delicious and nutritious diets for your pregnancy period. You can go for anything from barley to oats, and from wheat to rice.

Green leafy vegetables:  They include spinach, Swiss chard, etc which are loaded with rich nutrients, vitamin C, A and K.  Vegetables are rich in frolate which is unavoidable in pregnancy diet.  They are good for eye health also.

Lean meats:  When you buy red meat make sure you get cuts which are fat free.  Beef and Pork are most welcome because of the high choline content in them. Deli meats and hot dogs have to be avoided because of the probability of passing bacteria and parasites.

During the first two to three months of pregnancy mother should eat protein rich food. It is crucial for the child because its organs are developed in the first three months faster that during any other period.