Wedding Tent Rental and The Extras You Should Take for Consideration

  • October 30, 2017

If you’re in the middle of decision making in wedding tent rental and you have already some ideas about the type and size of tent you want, it is also important to think about the extras that you might want or need. Such extras may cause your price quote to differ greatly.

Generally, clear top tents are a famous alternative to white tents and do not cost more. Nevertheless, remember that if any part of your occasion takes place during daytime, the sun may turn the clear top tent into a sweaty, giant greenhouse.

  • Liner – All the silky looking fabric you see inside the tents is called liner. This is expensive, yet not necessary at all, particularly if you choose a pole tent. If you need to have this tent extra, be forewarned as these costs up to 3 times the tent’s cost. You will be paying more if you choose colored liner.
  • Flooring – When it comes to flooring, the options are plain old ground without or with a dance floor or full floor under the tent. The ground is the cheapest option, yet there are some drawbacks. If there’s rain in the days that lead up to your wedding, the ground might get soggy. In addition to that, plain ground could be difficult for the guests that they’d be best served by an outdoor-appropriate footwear. If you are planning to put the tent on land that is sloped or uneven, you might need to consider flooring for you to level things out.
  • Walls – The primary types of walls are cathedral, clear, solid, and fabric. The need for walls may depend on the temperature. If you are planning to get married in a warmer climate, you might want to skip the walls. However, if it is a cooler climate, the walls are a great idea.
  • Lighting – If wedding is at night, unless you like to give your guests a sensor experience of dancing in the dark and dining, you will need lighting inside your tent. There are various options made available for lighting. Everything from the bistro lights strung on ceilings to twinkle lights to lantern to can lights that are mounted on the ceiling or some theatrical style stage lights with gels. You may also get lighting placed on dimmer to allow mood lighting during dancing.

Once you’re done with wedding tent rentals, you might want to proceed with party tent rentals ny, which are also essential to make your dream wedding come true.