Custom Outdoor Fireplaces – Customizable Solutions

  • August 21, 2016

Custom outdoor fireplaces are gaining popularity day by day. Due to this factor, more and more manufacturers are not offering larger assortment of completely or partially pre-built fireplaces being designed for external installation purpose. You could find both stone as well as metal fireplaces available for outdoor purpose. They are available as prefabricated models. A recent survey has concluded the fact that sale of these models have increased to around 500,000 in a year in the United States alone. And one must keep in mind that this number does include a large portion of custom-built fireplaces along with other readymade variants.

The ones that are used occasionally

If the fireplace is going to be used occasionally, the best choice to make is the portable and freestanding metal models. These are smaller in contrast to the traditional built-in fireplaces. But the interesting part is that they could be easily stowed away while not in use. They are also much affordable in comparison to the regular ones available. They are available in different size and shapes. The common materials used are zinc coated steel, aluminum, copper, and cast iron.

Fire pits – the smallest option

Fire pits are probably the smallest portable outdoor fireplace available. They are also the cheapest option to avail. They are available in different shape and sizes. Most commonly, they are shaped in the form of shallow bowl and used for big campfire. They come well equipped with a grill. There are also more elaborative models available featuring glass screens and other ornaments. To be precise, these fire pits are basically modernized version of old-fashioned campfire containers without the presence of chimney. They could be custom built or even bought off the shelf. These fireplaces are portable enough to fit anywhere. They could be used all the year round. These fireplaces are easy to carry while on the move.

More permanent options

If you are looking for permanent solution, then masonry or cast-iron fireplaces would be the best option to avail. These could be easily custom-built while their built quality and natural look make them perfectly appropriate for most of the surroundings, whether it is terrace or garden. The prefabricated models are always more attractive when you consider the cost and easy availability feature. However, they are available in limited choice options. You can hire an outdoor fireplace contractor to get the best customized solution with complete peace of mind.