What are the most effective home remedies for itchy skin?

  • January 31, 2016

Itching is the most irritating kind of experience which one may have and so keeping the home remedies for itchy skin handy is always help. It causes a tingling sensation onto the surface of one’s skin. It will generate an urge to scratch the skin, leading to redness. However, you should always consider visiting a allergy doctor. Medically termed as pruritus, it may be accompanied by the skin abnormalities such as the skin rash, bumps and blisters.

There are several home remedies for itchy skin, which may be used. You may apply the soothing lotion while using the cold compressors at the same time. Those who suffer from itching must never scratch the skin, since that may aggravate the problem.

What are some of the common causes of itchy skin?

Itchy skin may result from prickly heat, dry skin, eczema, skin infections, and allergic reactions, harsh deodorants, tight dresses, etc. It can also be caused due to sexually transmitted diseases and fungal infections. In many cases, lice in children, pinworm parasites can cause severe itching. Itching over the scalp is common due to the presence of dandruff. There are many people who suffer from the underlying health problems like the liver and kidney diseases, hyperthyroidism, cholestasis and bile flow interruption.

The best home remedies for treating itching

Home remedies are the natural treatments for itching and the discomfort related to it. Following ways can be made use of:

  • You can boil the neem leaves and add the boiled solution to the bathtub. The infusion if added to the water to prevent itching.
  • Apply Vitamin E oil to rid itching.
  • You can prepare a paste at home by using water and baking soda to treat the itching condition.
  • Add the white vinegar to the tub and just soak in to get relief.
  • You can prepare a kind of tonic by mixing aloe vera, wheat germ oil and Vitamin E oil. The solution must be applied directly on the surface of the skin where itching is encountered.
  • Wash the itchy area with the help of ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar and ¾ cup of water. Wipe the area properly to get rid of itching.
  • The easiest way to treat the itchy skin is to run Vicks Vapor-up over the area. This will cool the skin instant to bring relief.
  • To cure the itchy skin, you can even take up the peppermint bath.
  • Apply the mixture of lime juice and the coconut oil. Coconut oil is the outstanding way of treating the itchy skin.


Home remedies for itchy skin is the finest way to bring about quicker relief. A mixture of honey and cinnamon powder is also known for curing the itchiness. You can also visit allergy clinic for treatment.