How to make baby shower a great success?

  • April 22, 2018

A baby shower is a celebration of the new born baby or a baby who is about to be born. This celebration is not done by the parents of the baby, but by someone like his parent’s relatives of friends. Some people consider this occasion as an opportunity to present gifts to the mother at  the baby shower party where as some others celebrate it to congratulate a woman who has transformed into a mother. Now let us take a look at the ingredients that can be provided by a baby shower chair rental to make the function a grand success.

Baby shower rentals

Decorations help in creating a mood and theme for establishing a warm and pleasant atmosphere for the baby shower. Previously parents used to select the theme of the decorations based on the gender of the new born baby.  Now this trend has lost popularity as nobody wants the celebrations to be gender specific.  Choose decorations like balloons, plates, toys, stickers etc that are charming ones that can be applicable to boys as well as girls.

Creative desserts

These days’ desserts have become the highlight of baby showers. Instead of age old cupcakes and cookies it is better to go for cute animal shaped sweets. As it takes a long time for baking such cookies it is better to order is from a nearby shop.  Also find out some professional cake shops for meeting the customary need of cakes for the function.

Baby shower gifts

Although not important like giving of gifts during wedding etc, gifts have become a part of the baby shower ritual. They need not be very expensive. One can even make some candies, fill it in a jar and wrap it with some cute ribbon and present it to the mother.  Mini tea sets, miniature toys, jar of cookies,  baby dresses etc are also given as baby shower favors.

Holiday themes

If your baby shower day accidently coincides with any of the celebrations like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, St. Patrick’s day etc then use the theme of the day as the theme of your baby shower. Similarly there are many other baby shower ideas you can coin depending upon the social status of the parents of the child.

Baby shower chairs

Baby shower chair is the most important item in a baby shower as the mom to be is going to be seated there.  There are many popular varieties like rattan seats, inflatable seats, classical seats, cantons seats, even lounge chairs etc. All these varieties will be available with good party rentals rockland ny. There are special canton chair rental centers which exclusively rent only canton chairs for baby shower.