Hot female tennis players: Serena Williams

  • December 10, 2015

Serena Jameka Williams, known popularly as Serena Williams is one of the most famous hot female tennis players. This dark beauty is known for her sex appeal and oomph. This thirty four year old tennis player has reigned over many championships like Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, etc. None other female tennis player has been able to take the place that she holds in the tennis fraternity. She lately added one more award among her many, that is, 20th Grand Slam Title at the French Open. At this age, when career fades, she still reigns.

Let’s clap for the Black beauty

If we start mentioning about her achievements and awards, we need more space and words to capture her awards. She has won 21 major titles like French Open and Wimbledon. She has also won many awards latest being Best Female Tennis Player ESPY. She has won almost all the Miami’s Championships. She has established a celebrity like place in many magazines. She has pictures in many glamorous magazines as well. Her laurels in the field of tennis are innumerable.

Appreciation of her beauty

She is an epitome of style, strength, beauty and vigor. Who said dark can’t be beautiful. This sexy star has broken all the conventional ideas of a white beauty. Her pictures are sexier than models around. She is hottest ever female tennis player.

She is not behind from being a supermodel

Serena Williams will be featuring in the one of the famous calendars, which is Pirelli calendar. Usually, all the famous super models feature in this calendar. But in the year 2016; she will be featuring it. She has revealed that in one of her tweets. All the models have been signaled enough that this rocking tennis star is nowhere less. Her calendar news has already become new in her plate and is giving us all one more chance to add to her non exhaustive list of rewards and recognition.

Who said women can’t be achievers. We all have seen this ever rising American tennis player playing persistently well over the years. We all must give a hats off to her perseverance in the field of tennis and also respect her to maintain a distinguished style and glamour. She has evolved as a style icon for the teaming millions across the globe. She has made a mark with her natural style in the field of glamour. It is her confidence in herself that she has clubbed her talent with unquestionable beauty.