Hair Extensions – A Look At Different Types Available In Market

  • July 17, 2016

Cost of hairdreams hair extensions Rockville may vary as per the choices to be made. For partial head hair extension, the cost may well vary in between $ 300 – $ 800. For full head hair extension, the cost structure can be a minimum of $ 1300 and it may go up to $ 4000 and beyond. The hair extension clips will cost around $ 20 – $ 90.

Buying hair extensions

As you may observe, hair extensions may be quite expensive. Unless you are a top level celebrity or business personal, it may become difficult to maintain these long thick locks on a regular basis. More importantly, there are a whole lot of factors that are taken into consideration while going for hair extension. These factors add up to the cost. Have a look at some of the most important factors that adds to the costing scenario.

Type of hair to be used for the extension

Virgin Remy

This is probably the most important part to focus at. In fact, it is the type of hair that determines most part of the overall costing. There are artificial hairs as well natural hair types available. There is also high quality, premium hair types that promises to be the most expensive. Good quality Remy hair locks fall under the MOST EXPENSIVE category. Here, every single cuticle is unidirectional. Then, there is also virgin hair. This type of hair has never been processed through chemical reactions. Virgin Remy human hair feature unidirectional cuticles and they remain intact. This helps the cuticles to last for a longer time frame. With the cuticles facing same direction, the rink of tangling and matting significantly reduces.

Clip extensions

This type of extension is for a short term basis. There are quite a few reputed brands like Tress Allure, Paris Hilton, Jessica Simpson, etc. that offer clip extensions made from 100% original human hair. These reputed branded products can also be purchased online or at a beauty shop close to your locality.

Funny extensions

If the purpose is to groom for Halloween or special party events, try the less expensive yet colorful synthetic extensions. There is a hair salon near me that features the best quality synthetic hair extensions. These extensions are basically made from special fibers that look exactly the same as human hair. These cheaper substitutes are available in different color shades and styles.