Hip Replacement Surgery benefit

  • November 10, 2016

The goal of hip replacement surgery is to give relief from pain and discomfort, enhance the stability, and improve the function of knees and hip of the patients suffering from arthritis or any other disabling orthopedic hip problem. The surgery became successful in the late 1960’s and has been improved over the several decades.

An Overview hip replacement surgery

Hip replacement is referred as the hip arthroplasty or hip hemiarthroplasty. Recently the hip replacement is very common but this is major surgical process where the surgeon replaces the painful hip-joint with an artificial one.

In hip replacement surgery, the surgeon usually removes the damaged or injured head of the thighbone and replaces it by following hip’s ball-and-socket mechanism. This surgery procedure considerably relieves the pain of hip joint as well as patient’s mobility and ability to perform his or her daily activities.

By utilizing the combination of plastic and metal, the surgeon makes a new ball and socket joint that will glide painlessly as well as smoothly. During the past two decades, numerous advancements in arthroplasty surgery have been achieved and presently there are various sort of prosthesis are available. Chrome cobalt alloy and titanium alloy are the two main metals that are used in this surgery procedure. These are considered as the super metals which are mainly developed for this surgery procedure. Polyethylene, a high density plastic polymer is used for this surgery.

Benefits of Hip Replacement procedure

  • The hip replacement surgery can reduce or eliminate the pain of the hip joint.
  • It could provide you many years of freedom from hip joint pain and fatigue that kept you awake at night for long.
  • The dramatic reduction of the hip pain allows the patient to have a good night sleep.
  • With this surgery procedure, normal functioning of the hip can be possible with increased comfort and ease.
  • It improves the physical functioning like walking, bending and any other movement. And it can also benefit the patient’s mental health.
  • Before the surgery, most of the people felt difficult to perform some important activity of the daily life like sitting on a chair, on a toilet seat, bending for taking any thing from ground surface, standing for long time etc. But after surgery they will experience a significant improvement in their mobility.
  • Increased leg strength is another important advantage that people will experience after the hip replacement surgery.

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