Energy Efficient Heating Systems – Choose the Right One for Your Home!

  • October 11, 2017

Your home may be heated in different ways as there are numerous kinds of heating units and technologies available in the market. Several energy efficient heating systems might be more efficient compared to others, yet the problem is that only some are suitable for use in your home. The options are furnaces and boilers, wood heaters, multipurpose heat pumps, and solar heating that can be used for heating and cooling.

Energy efficient heating systems will accomplish less once your home including the windows and doors are insulated and sealed properly and energy efficient home can’t be comfortable, but also th

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is will help you save money. The primary parts of home heating systems include the boiler or furnace, which supplies the heat, while the piping, radiators, and ducts distribute the heat and the thermostats are used for regulating temperatures. In particular situations like when there’s no distribution system, the space heaters may be used as supplemental or main heating source. Heating systems that are energy efficient are eco-friendly and use less energy and they can help reducing the emission of the greenhouse gases.

Heating home accounts for your energy bill’s major part and you must know what contributions are to make informed decision if your heating system needs an upgrade. Your options might be limited by your system and the energy supply sources.

Depending on your preferred heating systems, here are some of the systems you can choose from:

Natural Gas

The natural gas heating system efficiency is proven by many homeowners. If you want to stick with the most efficient, natural gas heating system is a good choice. The cost of these systems may vary depending on the provider.


Electricity runs through the heating elements where resistance causes heat generation. Heating elements might be contained in a furnace from where heat is distributed in the home through air circulation system. Depending on your load requirements of some electrical appliances, you might need to upgrade electrical services if you’re considering installing the baseboard heaters or electric furnace and you might require the assistance of licensed electricians.

There are numerous kinds of home heating systems and your preferred system may depend on some factors, which include the area where you reside and style of your home. If you’re confused about the best heating system you can choose from, you may consider hiring heating contractors va to help you.