• September 18, 2016

Commercial garbage disposal maintenance is really needed in order to avoid its abruptly non-functioning. This appliance is one of the best kitchen appliances which are mostly needed in hotels, restaurants or any other commercial food joints. It helps to stop the wastes which may clog the drain pipes when anything is flushed. This machine helps a commercial kitchen to be clean and keeps the kitchen hygienic.


Keep an eye on the garbage and oil

When this garbage disposal is used, one must be sure what they are putting in it. You must be sure to put organic material so that they will always be on safe side. The materials which may get wrapped in this machine must be removed before, such as onion skins and the shucks of corn. When such things get stuck, the blades will malfunction. The person using garbage disposal must make sure not to put oils in it. Every commercial kitchen may have more than one garbage disposal machine so make sure all the machines should be used regularly. The regular usage of these machines will prevent blocking of the particles.

Along with the regular usage of this machine, it must also be cleaned regularly. One can use hot water for cleaning the disposal machine along with washing soap. The soap will help in cleaning the sludge and smells. It is suggested to avoid harsh chemicals for cleaning it. If a person peels the citrus, then it is best to throw few peels in the disposal and flush water. While doing this, the blades are cleaned and the disposal will give citrus smell. The other way of cleaning it is by adding half a cup of baking soda and cup of vinegar into the disposal. Then the foam is formed and let it be there for ten to fifteen minutes. Then flush the disposal with hot water. This helps in cleaning and deodorizes the machine.


Professionals fix the repair with ease

Though, people working in the commercial kitchen may take most care while cleaning the machine, the garbage disposal may face non-functioning at times. When this unit stops working, a professional disposal service provider must be hired. While few commercial kitchen owners do not hire the service providers and go for non professionals and they end up damaging the disposer. So, a commercial garbage disposal service alexandria should be hired, they will check the blades and the motor of the disposal machine and fix the problem when it is not functioning well.