What You Need To Know About Granite Countertop?


We all know how hard and durable, granite is and that’s exactly the reason why we all want to have granite countertop in our kitchen. But, before visiting a granite company, probably would be better if you learn something more about the granite countertop that you want so much.

What is granite?

Granite is comprised of interlocking mineral precious stones, the most well-known being feldspar and quartz. However, a variety of different minerals can be incorporated, and these make every bit of granite one of a kind. Feldspar is the white mineral you find in stone; the light dim veins are quartz; and the dark is ordinarily mica.

Granite is bored, etched and impacted out of quarries in expansive pieces, and unique processing machines then cut it into workable chunks.

Transforming crude granite into countertops obliges uncommon apparatuses. Granite can be uniquely crafted and professionally introduced, but at the same time it’s accessible in precut and edged countertops. The kitchen’s plan, the shapes and sizes of the accessible precut material and the area of the creases will help figure out whether you can utilize precut and edged granite or on the off chance that you require a custom establishment.

How to install granite countertop?

In case you’re installing it in a kitchen, haul out the stove and cooler and expel the sink from the current countertop. In the event that the old top was screwed on, unfilled the lower cupboards and haul out all drawers and entryways. Pry off your old countertop. At that point tape cardboard or paper over all bureau fronts for protection. Accurate estimations are essential. Make sure to note points of interest like apparatus openings. For the most part, these are sized­ accurately, so completed edges should be flush with the bureau closes. Layouts are useful in computing cuts for sinks and cook tops. The thickness of the backsplash should be account­ed for also, to guarantee that components like fixtures will fit between the sink and the backsplash. You ought to utilize plastic sheeting or a vulcanized elastic paint-vapor obstruction between the subcounter and the granite.

What about granite sealing?

For the most part, you ought to seal most kitchen granite countertops every year. Remember that diverse bits of granite have distinctive porosities. Some countertop zones may should be fixed more frequently than others. To figure out whether it’s opportunity to reseal a countertop, spill some water onto the countertop. In the event that it dots up, extraordinary. On the off chance that the water splashes into the stone, it’s chance to reseal.

Fixing is direct. Get a decent quality granite countertop cleaner, a granite sealer that is intended to oppose water and oil-based stains, and some clean clothes. Take after the cleaner’s headings to start with, verifying the granite is dry before you begin fixing. A few sealers, for example, those with a dissolvable base, are useful for quite a while. You should browse several kitchen countertop companies.

In order to get best quality granite countertop,. try finding the reputable and trustworthy granite contractor in your area.