Brick patio design for recreational purposes

  • January 16, 2017

Many homeowners use their outdoor available space by creating brick patio design. It is done by paving bricks so that the available space may be used for recreational purposes. They are used for entertaining the family and enjoying with friends. Some of the homeowners consider summoning brick patio contractors for the laying of brick patios while the others try and carry the tasks themselves. They think that by being patient and using the skill, quality material can create lovely patios, made up of brick.

Tips of do-it-yourself patio design

You are free to give the patio any shape. But then, everything must be measured properly so that you buy the right amount of bricks, having your preferred shape and color. You need to level the ground properly so that correct incline is given. Correct incline ensures that the rain water does not collect there. Some of the patio specialists suggest the preparation of bottom layer having compacted stone and similar material to have the kind of firm base concealed by garden fabric. So, there will be no growth of weeds in between the bricks. Once you lay the bricks, just fill up the gaps in between them by adding stones. Sand may also be used for getting stable ground.

Let the brick fit the ground

If you are serious about doing things yourself, have trial and run session to make sure that the bricks fit properly. This may only be done if you level the ground and lay the bricks as per the plan. It is only an amateur mason who can make out if additional bricks will be needed.

Maintaining the brick patios

For maintaining the brick patios, you need to wash the patios occasionally. Use the hose and keep a watch over moss and weeds. If any of the molds show the signs of weed or moss, your task would be to spray the area with a sprayer or even a powerful hose. If you find leaves on the bricks, remove that brick to prevent the shell of seed from getting beneath.

The need for brick patios

Brick patios have immense applications when it comes to recreation. It is used for outdoor dining, playing and for BBQ. There is no risk of accident fire here. So, by considering a brick patio, you can have far more functional backyard which may be used for multiple purposes.

Brick patio is mostly enjoyable during summers since you can sit outside your home and enjoy with the family. Get in touch with a landscaping company long island, if you wish to have more beautiful outdoors.