Commercial Refrigerators Maintenance – Some Crucial Tips


It is not mandatory to look for professional commercial refrigerators repair service experts every now and then. For minute troubles, it would always be nice to get the servicing down by your own. There are quite a few steps that, if followed properly, could help in protecting the commercial refrigerator from functioning in a disruptive manner.

Get rid of the dust and dirt from the condenser

It is quite a common scenario for the dirt to get accumulated over the compressor coils. And when such a thing happens, the compressor’s work efficiency level is being challenged. As a result, more electric units are burnt to get the device functioning. This results in higher electricity bill and more pressure on the compressor unit. And when immense pressure is put on the compressor and that too, for a longer time range, there is every chance of the compressor’s sudden failure.

Keeping the acidic foods perfectly covered

As per food safety standard guidelines, it is absolutely necessary to cover the inventory in the refrigerator. Prevention of any kind of cross-contamination spreading is also equally essential. Also, some foods comprises of higher levels of acidic substances that contributes to the corrosion in the commercial appliance. Some common foods like pickles and tomatoes have a tendency to emit acids. These acids start to slowly eat through the refrigerant lines with the passing of time. In order to prevent this sort of happenings, it is necessary to store the entire range of refrigerated inventory into some kind of plastic based non-corrosive storage containers that comes with air tight sealing lids.

Keeping the drains clean

Every commercial refrigerator unit comes with a certain kind of drainage system. The drain definitely serves as the necessary pathway to let escape the entire interior condensation air. Once the excess fluid leaves drain, it starts to travel through a drip pan. In this pan, water is basically heated before getting evaporated. Remember, with drain blockage, the condensation level starts building up, being trapped inside. It will result in flooding the interior space. This would prevent the condenser from working properly. It is recommended to clean the drain on a regular basis.

You must ensure that oils, storage containers, and crumbs are free from drain opening. So, it is always advised to mop down interiors of walk-in coolers on a daily basis while taking special care to ensure that the drainage system is free from all the obstructing materials. You can do these tasks by your own without hiring commercial refrigerators technicians va.