Everything one must know about incision less hair transplantation

  • November 26, 2017

Losing of hair makes you feel you are losing your identity. Hair loss is almost common as evidenced by the vast number of people in different countries suffering from this problem and looking for hair transplantation. In America alone has around 60 million people who are having some problems related to loss of hair. This change in your outlook reduces your self esteem and confidence as you keep on looking in the mirror and evaluating the changes in you. In a similar way others are also perceive you in a different way.

There are many reasons for the onset of hair loss which include aging, genetics, accidents and other factors.  On identifying this problem some people starts spending money on the so called miraculous remedies which are only illusionary. Some wise persons consult hair transplant surgeons and takes proper path of diagnosing the problem and exploring all probable solutions. Modern technology has put forward improved and minimal risk techniques which are cost effective also.

One such new technology is incision less hair restoration procedure. It is also known as NeoGraft procedure. In this procedure hair form donor area are removed follicle by follicle and are transplanted in the recipient area. A specially designed machine is used for removing the follicles and for transplanting them. Use of this automated machine makes the process very easy, perfect in execution and produces natural looking hair in the recipient area.


In traditional hair transplant surgery a strip of tissues are removed from the donor area and the follicles of hair in this strip are removed manually. This result in long scar But in NeoGraft procedure the removal of follicles are carried out with the help of an automated machine and therefore the process is very easy without pain or inconvenience and gives good results in the end.  Shorter recovery period is another advantage of this procedure.

Who are good candidates for this procedure?

Men and women alike are suitable and good candidates for this process. Persons who like to have short hair styles are perfectly suitable for this type of transplantation as other procedures may be little insufficient for such people. As the activity restriction in the recovery period is minimal people who lead an active life are much benefited by this procedure.

Consulting hair transplantation surgeons

People who are very much worried about their receding hairline and who really wants to find out a permanent solution for this problem has to get an appointment with a surgeon and discuss with him the problems faced by him and the end results he is expecting from the treatment. These hair transplant centers are very keen and obliging and they will let you know each and every detail regarding the procedure including the cost of the procedure, the risks included and the probable end results one can expect.