All important aspects of tree cutting using crane are explained


Complex rigging methods and lowering methods will have to be undertaken to avoid obstacles and therefore its results can be inferior compared to the crane operating tree felling and removal processes carried out by local tree removal companies.

Trees are a boon to mankind as they help them very much in leasing their life happily and comfortably in this world. The most important benefit done by trees is the consumption of carbon dioxide expelled by men through their exhaling. Plants and trees use this carbon dioxide for making fruits and other eatables through a process known as photosynthesis in sun’s light. Due to ageing or due to diseases or for want of making the site clean for other purpose, it often becomes necessary to cut and remove trees. Cutting a tree and removing it using a crane is the best way to do it. Traditional methods used in this regard are labor intensive and time consuming.

Things to know about tree cutting

Cranes have been in use for tree removal services for decades. But they became very popular during the last 20 years only. Though it has become popular these days, most tree removal services do not own cranes. Detailed step by step instruction regarding how to fell tree and remove them is given below to help the novices get necessary information in this regard to carry out DIY projects.

As a first step of the tree removal project the company carrying out the work will visit the place and decide the position where to set up the crane. Factors like elevation, overhead obstacles,  size and weight of the branches to be cut  etc will be taken into consideration before deciding  the place where crane is to be located.

In the second step the crane will be brought to the work site and will be positioned in a level ground. Plywood and similar materials will be used for cribbing and for providing additional height. A crane will be having five stabilizers with the help of which the crane is brought into perfect level position so that the stability during the operation is ensured. This setting up may take about 30 minutes which can be more than the actual time needed for cutting and removing the tree.

Tree removal using cranes

Each tree is different and therefore requires specialized course of action for each trees. This is the time during which the crane operator and the tree climber formulate the strategy for cutting the tree under consideration.    The size and growth pattern of the branches, the weight of each piece that will have to be cut and removed, the area where the cut peaces can be allowed to fell safely and precautions needed to be taken in this regard etc will be decided at this juncture. Large horizontal branches found in oak trees may require special approaches than a pine tree. If the weight of a cut branch exceeds the allowable limit, the crane may completely overturn.

Now the cutting trees process starts.  The climber will tie himself firmly to a secure spot over the crane’s ball and signal the crane operator to lift to the designated point. After attaching the cable to the hook of the crane, the climber will start the cutting process.  It is the duty of the crane operator to apply the required pressure and keep in the correct position so that the cut pieces can be extracted safely and securely. After completing the cutting, the piece will be carefully allowed to fall to the correct position where the piece is to be dropped.

Workers stationed in the ground will unhook the piece and signal to crane operator to move to the next pick. The ground staff will complete the dismantling of the cut piece with chain saws into specific lengths. Pieces smaller than 10 inches are made mulch by running them through a chipper.

This process will be repeated by the tree removal services MD until the complete tree is cut and removed.