All you want to know about medical weight loss clinic

  • April 11, 2021

Medical weight loss refers to the program deduced by a company in   United States in which the company administers a custom plan prepared by them to help its clients in weight lose. Individual counseling, permission to eat real food, special exercise programs etc are the highlights of medical weight loss programs. This is clinic is based in Michigan. Tens of thousands of obese people have become successful in considerably reducing or eliminating their excess body weight. The company has 34 clinics throughout United States and is continuously growing.

 Basis of medical weight loss

As per the available statistics, about 36 % of Americans are obese. Obesity related illnesses like diabetes, some cancers, heart diseases, etc are on the increase in US. Studies show that obese persons are spending $1429 more than normal people towards their medical bills. Medical weight loss aims to make improvements in the above statistics. The benefits of medical weight management programs scheme will be discussed in the following paragraphs.

Medical weight loss

The first thing one has to do to join one of their centers is to visit them where you will be medically examined and assessed. If there is no medical weight loss programs in your neighborhood the assessment will be done virtually. According to your needs a custom designed program will be made which will consist of an exercise plan and controlled diet. They will also provide you a nutritional supplement which helps you to give you a feeling of fullness and increased energy level. Company also recommends two to three servings of the supplements provided by them.

Nutrition facts

The medical weight management programs clinic has recently rebranded them with a new meal plan with options. The calories levels are set based on your requirements. They suggest using their supplements which are specially designed to promote weight loss. Sufficient amount of protein and supplements as per the company’s specifications are intended to increase the energy level and the metabolism.

Sample diet

According to this program an average of 1,600 Kcal is considered as the requirement per day for allowing steady weight loss. A sample menu for a day is given below.

  1. Breakfast: half cup oatmeal; half banana one cup skim milk; coffee
  2. Morning snack: Half cup of carrot sticks half cup of jicama
  3. Morning snack: two slices sandwich, two slices wheat bread, one ounce meat, one ounce cheese, one teaspoon mayonnaise,and unsweetened lemon tea.
  4. Dinner: Grilled chicken four ounces, red pepper and grilled asparagus, I teaspoon butter: six ounces wine.
  5. Evening snack: plain yogurt blended with ice; smoothies consisting of one cup of raspberries.


  • The diet of this scheme is made according to the needs of the individual. The food is prepared by the person in his houe as per the customized plan for him.
  • Even though there are nutrition bars and food items available at the clinic for medical weight loss nobody is required to buy them if he is not interested in it.
  • The menu consists of fresh foods and no need to eat foods shipped to your home. Visit a weight loss clinic.