Which Sunglasses are Best for Driving?

  • February 10, 2019

Undoubtedly, polarized lenses are the best sunglasses for driving. It reduces glare and filter appropriate light levels. Glares are frequently cited as the cause for road traffic accident, but the right pair of sunglasses can prevent it. The sunglasses should be grey or brown, because they are neutral, meaning they do not alter the colours when worn. For example, blue glasses are not suitable for driving, while yellow sunglasses are really good for sharpening images, but causes more colour distortion. Brown lenses reduce glare sufficiently including absorbing the blue frequency of light in the sun’s rays which makes the surroundings hazy.

Sunglasses for drivers

Anti-glare sunglasses are better because they protect you from sunlight reflecting of surfaces of tinted lenses, cars with shiny metallic body, mirrors and when the sun is behind you. Anti glare sun glasses are also better for night driving.

Driving sunglasses should be free from scratches and smears and does not cause any hindrance while driving. The right model can also protect from dust and strong winds. A wind barrier will also reduce the rate of evaporation of moisture from your eyes and keep them healthy. So you must take utmost care while buying your sunglasses.

Choose sunglasses with lenses that are impact resistant and made of poly carbonate. This gives extra protection in case of an accident. Ensure your sunglasses fit properly and shield your eyes from all angles.

It does not really matter if the sun glasses are made of plastic or glasses, but plastic lenses are lighter and stable than glass lenses. You should not use wrong sunglasses, as it may cause serious problems such as retinal damage, degeneration of the macula or even contract.

You should always consider the usefulness of the products in comparison to brand recognition and functionality. Most designer brands are waste of money as they use style and name recognition to attract the purchasers.

Best sunglasses

One of the most important factors while driving is that you should be able to see from all angles and you should go for those sunglasses which provide you these facilities. A pair of sun glasses with more of a sleek look with full exposure is the best glass to purchase from branded sunglasses store for driving.

Light transmission is one of the most important design factors to consider. Check the lenses for highly distorted reflection. Heavy distraction is a sign of improper lens molding and may lead to headache on the road. To avoid distraction while driving, go with frames that don’t slide down your nose.