Commercial Deep Fryer Repairing Tips

  • April 8, 2016

Commercial deep fryer repair could be a troubling job. In fact, if the appliance is not functioning properly, it would become difficult to enjoy preparing those deep fried foods with ease. Looking from the business perspective, it would create a negative impact since patrons would head towards other places for similar options. Being a kitchen and restaurant owner, you would definitely not want such a scenario to take place. Apart from regular oil cleaning and fryer inspection, it could be highly fruitful to go through the owner’s manual for reference and troubleshooting purpose while ensuring proper functioning of the deep fryer.

Hire commercial deep fryer repair services              

After turning on the deep fryer burner knobs if the flames aren’t getting properly ignited all over and around, there could be a strong possibility of clogged burner orifices. If such a scenario happens, you need to turn off the flame completely. Take a wire brush to deep cleanse the debris and lint from burner orifice. Once cleaned, turn on the burner and see whether the flame is properly showing up or not. If problem still persists, you need to contact a technician.

The pilot light is not staying on

The pilot light might well be malfunctioning. It’s quite a common scenario. However, when such a scenario takes place, it prohibits the burners from heating up. However, never worry since there is an easy way to fix this issue. Such an issue might have taken place because of the broken thermopile. Taking matters into your own hand might not be an intelligent decision. Rather, it would always be better to look for trained professional for help. Contact a licensed CPS technician who would be able to easily remove the defective or damaged thermopile from the pilot and get it replaced with a fully functioning one in a safe and sound manner.

Inability to control the temperature

It is necessary to get the temperature controlled for the perfect cooking. The fryer oil needs to be at the right temperature to make it perfectly apt for cooking. If the oil becomes too hot or cold, the fries would become brunt or soggy. The thermostat needs to be inspected properly. If there is a problem to keep the temperature set to preferable markings, it might have fault with the calibration. It could have some faulty wires or the entire unit might also need to be displaced. Hire professional services for deep fryer repair in Fairfax for best results.