Can hair transplant be done without shaving head?

  • March 13, 2018

Hair is a very important part of human body which often gives increases its attractiveness.  Many types of hair styles and hair treatments are clear indications to the importance of hair in one’s appeal. Shaving ones head may for hair transplant procedures is not be acceptable to someone as they may not be having good head shape. So shaving of hair can be a reason which retracts you from the idea of approaching a hair transplant clinic  for discussing your hair loss problem. Don’t worry; there are possible ways to get hair transplantation carried out without having to shave the head of a person. Lets us look into it.

What is hair transplantation?

Women are the major group of people who fears not to undergo hair shaving for getting hair transplanted to their head.  This makes them exposed to public about their loss of hair problem. Similarly celebrities and high officials also dislike this proposal as they do not want to be seen in public with shaved heads. Men may like short cuts, but they never like shaved head for the reason that it will expose the real shape of their head.

Hair transplantation

Some people are concerned about the area where hair is transplanted. The surgeon shaves that area so that he can see the area well for carrying out hair transplant procedures. Some surgeons do not shave this area for their own reasons.

Most obvious reason is that shaving makes the area look strange. The recipient area is normally on top of the head which will be almost completely bald. The surrounding hairs can be used to cover up this area.  If shaving is done this facility will be lost.

The surgeon should have a fair idea of how the existing hair are growing in the area.  This will help him to transplant the new hairs in a matching manner. So that no irregularity is felt after the transplantation is completed. If this hair is shaved, the surgeon may not be able to visualize the manner in which the hair was growing there.  Such transplants will look unnatural. Hair transplant procedures carried out in hair transplant clinic in which hair shaving is involved helps in the healing process. In this case, the patient needs to wait only for the new hair to grow. He need not have to wait for the shaved hair to grow. Though it takes more time for hair to grow in a shaved area, some doctors prefer shaving for carrying out hair transplantation.