How to install dishwashers in your house?

  • March 6, 2018

In this article I am going to give some important information regarding the self repairing of dish wasters so that one need not run to commercial dishwasher repairs services every time some minor problem in the working of the dish washer is noticed.

Repairing your own appliance can be considered as a rewarding activity as it saves much time, money and gives you peace of mind.  If some minor parts of your dishwasher are damaged most often you can understand them by properly going through the owner’s manual supplied by the manufacturer. Or by browsing in the internet  for  information about the reason for the problem noticed in your dishwasher, the details of   damaged parts that needs replacing can be obtained.

Before starting the repair work, unplug your dishwasher or switch off the power.  Turn off the water supply valve also. Do not start working inside the dishwasher immediatlely after switching off the power, as the dish drying element may be still hot.

Make sure the power is on

If you switch on the dish washer and not lights are burning or no controls are showing any signals, it can be due to the fact that no power is received by the machine. If the present receptacle is not functioning the power code of the dish washer can be connected to another receptacle and tested. You can also test functioning of the receptacle by connecting  one hand held appliance in working conditgion to the receptacle and observing whether it is working or not.

Check the panel

The electrical panel connected to the dish washer may not be in working condition due to blown fuse or similar matters.  If the switch breaker is found in off position, then put it back to on position and reset the breaker. You can also try replacing the fuse.

Dish washer not filling

Sometimes your dish washer may be working but  it may not be filling properly. This can be due to problems in water supply or in the drainage system of the dish washer. First make sure that the water supply valve is turned on. Turning it in the clockwise direction will open the valve.

Check timer and switch in the dish washer

If the appliance is not working even after the availability of electrical power, the problem can be due to a defective door, timer, switch, selector switch etc. By slightly striking the door latch, the door can be adjusted. If you understand that the problem is caused as a result of defects of selector switch or timer, then it is better to contact commercial appliance services va.