How to give your hair the natural look using the best hair extensions?

  • February 26, 2017

Hairdreams hair extensions can captivate your hair and give her the desired length and fullness. Hair with extensions has a great look, and it’s easier to obtain the desired form than with the natural hair.

If you want to just fill the volume of your hair or revitalize your hair color, or you just can’t wait your hair to grow, we will provide you with the installation of top quality extensions.

Only high-quality hair

We offer exclusive extensions of top quality 100% natural hair extensions with a thickness of 1 gram, also the thickness of the extension at the beginning of keratin circuit and at the end of the same. We guarantee that the hair that you have applied will be the same quality at a minimum of 6 months. Our hair is the Russian and Chinese origin, which connoisseurs know as the extremely high quality and most wanted.

Techniques of application

There are several techniques of installation of hair extensions, but the best and most widely used is the installation using the compounds of keratin that are completely natural and don’t make any damage to your hair.

The installation procedure of the extension requires a hair extension specialist which knows how to properly fit the necessary number of extensions, choosing the color and texture of hair extensions that will be ideal to achieve a natural look.

If your natural hair straight we will install extensions with a straight texture, but we also have very wavy and curly. It’s extremely important because you can dry naturally built-in extensions without the help of special hair dryers and all hair will have the same natural texture. Extensions are available in 30 shades, for any color of hair.

The installation procedure lasts from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the number of extensions installed.

The procedure is completely painless and pleasant; installation always starts from the neck and continues to the top of the head.

The quantity of extensions required depends on the length and thickness of your hair.

Extensions need to be treated as your natural hair. You can use the same shampoo as one that suits your hair type (except oil shampoos because they can affect the softening of keratin compounds on extensions).

On a daily basis, use the silicone and liquid crystals for hair, especially apply them to the peaks, in order to your dreamcatchers extensions Potomac look healthy and lively.