Persian antique rugs can transform your house wonderfully

  • December 5, 2017

Antique Persian rugs are the most valuable and the best known rugs in the world. The exquisite beauty and its meticulous weaving have made it the most demanding rugs of the present day. Traditional Rugs has become a luxury item which can be displayed with pride and honor by every family man.

Karman was the name of a traditional lonely and isolated place in erstwhile Persia which is now known as Iran. Before 500 years the village of Karman was known for its fantastic rugs. Now this small village has become a hub of activity related to rugs and is more popular than many other cities Iran. The Karman Antique Persian rugs are a well known commodity the world over.

These rugs are exquisitely woven by the very best craftsman from the village of Karman. Persian antique rugs are woven with utmost care and the weaving is very tight also. In the olden days Traditional Rugs were made by the weavers of that area for their own family needs and not many of them were sold for money or in barter system for food or some other substance. Now the scenario has changed as the Europeans and Americans have started collecting these rugs and selling them in their market as hot cake.

Many of the Persian antique rugs contained pictures of flowers. Floral designs formed the major part of their themes. In Kirman rugs, red was a color which got much prominence. This represented a feeling of luxury and wealth to the Karman rugs. Other vibrant colors like bright blue, green etc also have prominence in these rugs’ designs as natural colors and organic colors are used for coloring the rugs. Most of the weavers included their names or signatures in a hidden manner in the rugs weaved by them. Caster brothers is one such famous weaver brothers during 1800’s who have included their signatures in the rugs in a hidden manner.

In the olden days most of these villages lead a nomadic life. They used to roam from place to place. Because of this nomadic nature which necessitated movement from place to place the rugs of those days were smaller in size compared to the size of the present day rugs. Traditional Rugs which are smaller in size needed smaller equipments only for making them. This made movement of nomadic people who engaged in rugs manufacturing from place to place easier.

One important aspect of Persian antique rugs va is that its value increases as time passes. So people are now spending money for buying Traditional Rugs, considering it as an investment. They hope that they can sell it in their difficult times for a good profit.