A Short Guide on Tree Removal Services

  • March 3, 2015

When you are bothered by trees going beyond our spaces or its branches entering our own lawn, seeking tree removal services can best solve such concerns. In this article, we will dig deeper into the understanding on what are the varied factors that affects its cost as well as classifications of services under tree cutting.

Factors that affect the cost of Tree Removal Services


  • Location – Companies that provide emergency tree removal often consider the area surrounding the tree you ask them to get rid of. The clearer the premises are around it, the cheaper they will cost you. If the tree is surrounded by varied obstacles that will potentially be damaged when it is cut down, the company will most likely charge you a higher rate since they will be required to use more specialized equipment and techniques to get the job right.
  • Condition – The health and age of the tree may also affect how much its removal will cost you. A strong and mighty one will cost you more than that which is at the verge of dying or rotting. This dictates the difficulty of tree cutting, thus an important factor in company’s rates.


  • Diameter – The thicker the trunk of the tree is, the higher the rate a tree removal service company will charge you with. Therefore, a small yet bulky tree will cost more in contrast with a tall yet slim one.


  • Size – The company will also measure the total height of the tree you want to be removed. Theoretically, the rate you will be charged with is directly proportional to the size of such tree.


  • Type of Tree – All fore mentioned factors can be attributed to the type of the tree you wish to be cut. For instance, a pine tree whose height can vary from 40 to 80 feet can cost you $200 to $1500. The removal of an oak tree on the other hand can range from $200 to $1000 depending on its thickness.


Different Types of Tree Removal and Other Related Services


  • Fallen Tree Removal – As a safety precaution, it is advisable to clear a tree that unexpectedly fell within your property. Most avail of this emergency tree removal after the occurrence of a natural disaster.


  • Large Tree Removal – That significantly huge tree within your property may have already gotten in your nerves, but your resources cannot render you capable of removing it on your own. Worry not, companies with tree removal services got you covered with the right set of equipment and manpower.


  • Tree Branch Removal Some branches might be getting in the way of your electric lines or have is getting on the way of your house’s façade. If these tree limbs are too big for you to get rid of, a tree cutting company may help you with clearing such obstruction.


  • Log Splitting – As an added service, some tree cutting companies can offer to split up the cut down tree and convert it into logs which you can use for your fireplace or other personal endeavors.