Why Your Electric Fireplace Stopped Working

  • September 18, 2015

Electric fireplaces provide heat through electricity rather than wood. Homeowners generally mount electric fireplaces against a wall. These fireplaces offer the look and feel of a wood burning fireplace. However, this piece of technology occasionally creates problem, and electric fireplace repair is not as easy as a wood burning fireplace repair. It is almost impossible to repair electric fireplace with DIY tricks and tips. In order to repair electric fireplace, one needs to have detailed knowledge about the internal structure and functionality of the fireplace.

What Causes an Electric Fireplace to Stop Working?

Electric fireplaces do not have too many working components. That is why their working procedure is not difficult to understand. Failure in one of the components causes electric fireplace to stop working. The most common causes of electric fireplaces failure are:

Frozen Flames

Technology creates the illusion that the actual fire flame is flickering in the electric fireplace. In reality, the flame creates movement because of mortar. When the motor ceases to operate or wiring gets loose, the fireplace flame freezes. In order to solve this problem, all you can do is to inspect the wiring. However, if you do not succeed in finding any issue with wiring, you may need to replace the fireplace motor.

Fireplace Fails to Turn on

Generally, electric fireplaces are turned ON and OFF by switch and remote control device. If your fireplace fails to turn on, the problem may involve more than one component. Start troubleshooting with faulty wiring then checks fire plug and electric power supply connection to the switchboard.

Unit Does Not Supply Heat

In many cases, flame of electric fireplace flickers and even the fan blows, but no heat is generated. This problem arises when the thermostat is set below room temperature. Low thermostat temperature does not let fireplace to produce heat. The problem also occurs because of loose wiring, as loose wires will not allow motor to make a connection with electric circuit.

So, these are some common causes that do not allow electric fireplaces to work properly. Instead of trying to repair electric fireplace on your own, you should consider hiring electric fireplace repair technicians. The professionals can provide you the right and long-term solution.