How to pet proof your fireplace

  • October 25, 2015

Whether you own a dog, cat or any other pet, it is important to keep them safe. As a responsible pet owner, you should pet-proof your home to protect these innocent family members. Fireplace can be extremely dangerous for your pets. It is very much important to protect pets from fireplace. You can take recommendations from your chimney sweeper to make your fireplace pet-proof.

Pet Proofing your Fireplace

The best way to protect your pet from fire is consistent supervision when your fireplace is in use. These innocent creatures don’t understand what is good and what is bad for them, so you have to train them. Along with supervision, you can install safety gates around fireplace to safeguard your pets. The fireplace safety gates restrict the entry of pet inside the fireplace so that you need not have to worry about your pets when fireplace is in use. Safety gates also restrict the entry of nosey animals into the fireplace.

Fireplace safety tips

Below mentioned are safety tips to make sure that your pets can enjoy the warmth of fireplace just as you do:

Train Your Pet

Training your pet is the simplest and most cost effective option. Before you start using your fireplace, teach your pet to not to enter into the fireplace. Although pet training can take time (3 to 4 weeks), it will provide a lifetime assurance.

Never Play In Front Of A Fire

You might not notice the place while playing with your pets, but try not to play in front of fire. One mistake from you or your pet can result in serious burns or injuries.

Do Not Place Your Pets Stuffs Near The Fireplace

If you put pet stuff near the fireplace, your pets will get lured by their things and move toward the fireplace. So, be cautious while keeping the pet toys and bed.

These are some safety measures that have to take to ensure the safety of your pets. However, you can also hire a certified fireplace technician to pet-proof your fireplace. These professionals know what it takes to make your fireplace pet-proof.