Some effective cause of insomnia in pregnancy

Some effective cause of insomnia in pregnancy

Pregnant and insomnia is very closely related terms as when a woman waits for the arrival of her baby, she generally experience many uncomfortable body behaviors which may cause  sleeplessness. Pregnant women also face anxiety attacks, leg cramps and many other difficulties.

In early stage of pregnancy, insomnia is not good health condition. These health condition can result a long sleeplessness night. It is measured that more than 78% of pregnant women suffers from insomnia during the pregnancy.

What are the causes of insomnia?

In first trimester, most of the pregnant women are suffering from insomnia which creates due to hormonal changes. Actually pregnant women tend to feel more tired because of excessive deposit of progesterone phenomenon. Due to this tiredness, she cannot keep her eyes open; the result is she might be asleep for whole day. So it is difficult to sleep at night.

Apart from this hormonal change, other great reason of insomnia for pregnant women is anxiety as well as worry about the miscarriage. If there is any unplanned pregnancy, there is a financial worries can be occurred which leads insomnia.

There are lots of reasons for why the pregnant ladies have a difficulty in sleeping at night:

Frequent urge to urinate:

During pregnancy, the kidney cannot work properly as it is hard to filter the increased amount of blood for kidney. This increased filtering activity of kidney will results in increased urine. Because the growing baby puts extra pressure on the bladder, it will create the frequent urge of urine that leads sleeplessness night.

Heartburn and Constipation:

Heartburn is a very common problem in pregnancy. It can be occurred due to slow digestive system which is occurred while you are pregnant. It will leave food in the stomach long time which leads both heartburn and constipation. This heartburn may lead sleeping disorder.

Body Aches and Pains:

One of the main causes of sleeping disorder during pregnancy is the growing size of the fetus. As a baby develop inside you, so it can be extremely difficult to spend a comfortable sleeping. The pregnant women who lay for long time can experience leg cramps and backaches and leg cramps which lead sleeping disorder. Doctor generally recommends to sleep on their left side by which you can maximize your blood flow and comfort can be increased.

Insomnia doctor md may sometime prescribe to take maternity pillow, by which you can get comfortable sleeping in night. These are a full body pillow which will provide full support to the body of the pregnant lady.

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