How much does a lawyer charge for a child custody case

How much does a lawyer charge for a child custody case

Legal services are never cheap, you should know exactly how much to shell out.When you are contacting a divorce lawyer for legal services; always ask them to disclose details of their charges. A lawyer’s willingness to discuss his fees is an important indicator of client service.

Divorce lawyer and child custody issues

Always remember, cheaper is not necessarily better, when it comes to your legal protection. An expensive lawyer with good experience might be able to handle a complex problem more quickly.

When the legal matter is simple, the lawyers mostly charge flat fees. Matters such as preparing a will, uncontested divorce comes under simple cases. The flat fees may not include expenses for filing various papers. The lawyers get paid for the hours worked on a case. The rate is decided based upon the experience of the lawyer, his operating expenses and location. Sometimes you may have to bear the cost of appointing a retainer, third party mediator.

Rates for legal fees vary from place to place, experience of the lawyer and vastly on the nature of the legal matter.

You are also supposed to spend for the court fees, purchase of legal papers and other miscellaneous expenses. Discuss with the lawyer about such expenses earlier as sometimes the lawyers ask for some unpleasant expenditure.Your expenditure will also include miscellaneous expenses such as:

  1. Copying of documents
  2. Postage
  3. Para legal services
  4. Notary fees
  5. Travel

Particularly child custody cases are very complicated; especially when the parents can not agree on the issues, then it becomes very expensive. An uncontested case is cheaper than a contested one. Cost for filing paper work in the court vary from place to place and also depends on the type of case you are filing. Sometimes a case becomes intricate when the child custody case becomes part of a divorce suit. Although divorce and child custody are technically two separate issues, they can often be handled together, especially if the parents agree on custody arrangements.

Child custody

Child custody cases can get long, complicated and expensive. As each case is different, there is no real average cost that applies to every case. Parents who can not agree on important child care issues are likely to need more legal and professional help from child custody lawyer than those who are able to come to an agreement on their own. So they may face much higher costs.

There is also provision for waiver of court fees and providing legal assistance for people who can not afford these fees.

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