Common Traits Of The Victim And Abuser Of Domestic Violence

Common Traits Of The Victim And Abuser Of Domestic Violence

Majority of the relationships in the world are suffering from abuse. It maybe of different types like sexual, emotional or physical. In some cases, the abuse goes too far and the victim remains helpless. Domestic violence is a strongly reprimanded act yet it is the most common around world. Abusers and victims usually have some common characteristics which makes it easy to point them out according to assault charges lawyers.


The characteristics which we are about to present are usually common in all abusers and victims. If not all then definitely some. The assault charges attorneys and assault defense lawyers are always presented with cases as such and usually they share some of the common traits. Let’s discuss the traits:


  • Have excessive moods i.e. can blow up any time and remain calm the second.
  • Have a threatening tone.
  • Become too protective of their partners.
  • Become controlling of their partners to the point that they need to be told where their partner is going at all times.
  • Always accusing their partners of cheating on them or some other crime.
  • Making degrading comments and breaking the partner’s self- confidence.
  • Criticizes their partners for small things.
  • Shouts a lot sometimes.
  • Discourages you from seeing your friends, family or colleagues.
  • Wants you to revolve your life around them meaning cook for them, clean for them, forget about your friends and focus on his happiness etc.
  • Blames you for every misfortunate events in their lives. Also blames you when they’re being violent.
  • Threatens you by using a weapon.
  • Forces you to have sex against your will.
  • They can become excessively jealous.
  • May be cruel to animals or children.
  • May use verbal abuse like ‘I will kill you’ etc. all the while claiming everyone does that.
  • Blame others for their own problems.
  • Make you feel inferior for their own personal satisfaction etc.

According to assault defense lawyers, if you see any of the above signs in your respective partner, immediately try to cut that relationship or try to stay away from it and never agree on meeting the person alone at all costs.


Victims of the abusers are very sensitive, because of their unfortunate events, they may feel the need to just commit suicides or lose hope all together. The assault charges attorney says that it is extremely hard to break the shell of a victim being abused as the words ‘you deserve this’ is always embedded in their minds. Nevertheless, following are some of their traits:

  • These may try to cut themselves from the outside world and their friends and families for the fear of them getting harmed in any way.
  • They will have poor self- image and poor self- esteem.
  • They will be afraid of tiny things and react suddenly to a violent scene in a movie or a tiny explosion from outside.
  • They may fear anger or freeze up when someone shouts at them.
  • They may contain physical injuries like bruises etc. and have excuses for everything.
  • They may try to dissolve anything just to avoid argument.
  • They will definitely blame themselves when being abused.

Final Verdict

If ever you come across couples in relationships that share the above characteristics, then its best to contact the help services. According to assault charges attorneys and assault defense lawyers in rockville, it takes a lot of time for the victims to stand up for themselves and put an end to their toxic relationships so it’s better to offer help when you see such matters.

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